West Quilt Train: The Log Car

I finally had another load of quilts ready to deliver for West residents today.  Some of them I’d had ready way earlier, but they didn’t make it, so if you see pictures and think ‘hey, I thought those had already gone somewhere…’ well, think again.  The conductor (that’s me) can be a little scatterbrained at times.  I had a total of six quilts and two blankets today for a local nursing home.  The Diva went with me, lugging bags and generally acting as my elf in July.

All my previous deliveries had been to a central location and those folks then distributed them for me.  Today was different because we got a list of names and a ‘go ye forth’ and were sent down the hallways of the home in search of these folks.  I told them why they were getting a quilt and where their specific quilt had come from.  All of them were delighted to have a little something from someone who cared.

From Wanda Towery
From Wanda Towery

Wanda, your black/white quilt went to a lady who was hand-piecing a quilt when we arrived.  Another lady received the tan/blue star.


From Karen Lieberman


From Karen Lieberman

This Sunbonnet Sue went to a lady who first wanted to know ‘how much’ and then asked where to send her thank-you note.  When I told her no cost and no card, she couldn’t believe it.  She said to tell you thank you, Karen.  She’d settled down for a nap with the quilt by the time we left.  The churn dash we draped over a napping lady who’ll find it when she wakes up.  Hey, I don’t disturb my sleeping children.  You think I’m going to risk waking up an elder?!



These two from Mickey White were our first deliveries.  Both ladies were super excited.



These fleece blankets, also from Mickey, went to two more ladies.  One lady, who received the red one, just cried and cried.

Girls, y’all made someone’s day today.  Thank you so much!


I learned three things from this trip today:

1) Little old ladies love The Diva.

2) Hugs from perfect strangers are strange, but nice…especially little old lady hugs.

3) I friggin’ hate nursing homes and will never put my folks in one.


I have a stack of tops ready to be quilted and hope to have another delivery (and post) ready sometime soon.  I gotta hurry so The Diva and I can get another fix of hugs.








More Passengers for the West Quilt Train

I received two more quilts and two fleece blankets for the residents of West, TX from Mickey W. of Indiana (where they have a Indiana Beach, but no ocean…check the comments section of this post).  I have plans to deliver them to a local nursing home at week’s end.





Mickey, these quilts are just gorgeous!  Thanks so much for your generosity!

Friday Finish: Garden Retreat

Well, here we are again…I guess it must be fate.  Oops, nope, wasn’t trying to channel Chicago there!

It’s Friday and the end of my vacation.  Can you hear the weeping and wailing?  Back to the salt mines for me tomorrow, but in the meantime, I have another quilt top finished for the West Quilt Train.  Whohoo!


The blocks were sent to me by Joie H of the Facebook group, Just Us Quilters.  I tried pairing them up with other blocks and they just weren’t getting the justice they deserved, so they got a quilt all their own.

The border fabric is by Thomas Kinkade and I love, love, love it.



I’ve got several more tops already pieced and am saving them up for a marathon tying session.  Now all I need are the backings!

If you missed the first finish my daughter, The Diva’s, made you can find it here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I’m linking up to Amanda Jean at crazy mom quilts.

Quilt Top: Accomplished

You know, like Mission: Accomplished?  Never mind.

So THAT’S what it feels like to actually get something finished!  For a while there, I was convinced I was done with quilting…at least for the foreseeable future.  Lennie the Featherweight and I are so t-a-r-d, tired that we could f-a-r-t, faint.  Yes, that’s another of my Granmommie’s sayings…enjoy.

Here’s the top I finished today for West using blocks sent to me from Amanda R. of the Facebook group, Just Us Quilters…


These are wonderfully scrappy blocks.  I’ve never made a sampler quilt myself, so this was a fun first.  The sashing and border fabric from my stash is navy with western-type stars.  I’m rather pleased.

Thanks Amanda for your generosity!


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WIPs and a New Hard Drive

It’s not that kind of post.  Next blog!

Himself finally brought home our newly fixed computer…it’s kind of like neutering the dog and just as expensive but without the fun of watching a drugged pooch sway about the living room (hooray…can you hear the vortex that is sucking the money from my wallet?!) and I can once again bore the blogging community with pictures and such. Enjoy!

I have a couple of tops finished for the West Quilt Train. Progress has been exceptionally slow (it’s the quilter, not the quilts) and I’m feeling a little guilty. However, and stop me if I’ve already mentioned it, I’ve found a local nursing home that’s housing twenty-four West residents so at least there’s a new goal for me.

Here’s one top I pieced using blocks from Brigitte M. of Michigan…modelled by The Diva.  The border fabric is (don’t quote me) Laura’s London Lawns.  It’s so soft and girly…love it!


I attempted to channel my inner pioneer (it wasn’t pretty, but have you actually seen an attractive pioneer woman?) and used what I had on hand and ‘as is’ for the next top.  I’m thinking of calling it ‘The Odd Sibling’ because he’s just a little hinky.  The Diva probably thinks the moniker is referring to His Awesomeness.

Would it qualify for one of those Gee’s Bend quilts…who knows?  My inner perfectionist was writhing in agony.  I medicated her with wine.


Those are really white polka dots on black, but from here it looks like a bad LSD trip…or so I’m told.

I’m currently working with blocks from Amanda R.  I achieved a layout I like and chose a navy with small stars for the sashing and borders.


Given time (and the proper weight to wine ratio) I should have the top finished by tomorrow evening.  Wish me good drinking luck!

West Quilt Train Car #3: The Flatcar

If things were moving any slower in the sewing department around here, I’d have Himself check me for a pulse. Where’s Nurse Jessi?!  Calling Code Blue!!

I never truly appreciated how slow of a quilter I am until I considered the possibility that a turtle might just be faster…if turtles could sew, which they can’t but, hey, if we can teach dolphins to detect bombs and send chimps into space, I’d say there’s a good chance we could teach turtles to quilt.  Ya never know, right?  Never mind.

If you’re one of my FB friends who’s sent me blocks or tops, don’t fret, I’ll get them done! Perhaps, I should consider Red Bull…or meth…or both.  In my defense, I work full time and have kids and a husband who, oddly enough, like to eat and wear clean clothes.  Gawd, they’re soooo demanding! 

At any rate, I’ve got another load of quilts to deliver for West on Tuesday through a lady from my work (thank you, Aimee).

The first grouping came from Wanda T who’s in my FB group, Just Us Quilters.  They were already quilted and ready to go.  The blue and green star quilt went to a nursing home patient who was celebrating her ninety-something birthday and was tickled pink to receive it.  Thanks, Wanda!





These last three pictures are tops made by Karen L, who’s also in my FB group.  She sent the tops and the backing fabric for each one.

Aside from the comfort-giving aspect of these quilts, I’ve loved seeing how other quilters put different colors and patterns together.  That, for me, is one of the hardest parts about quilting…I never know what looks good with what and generally wind up disappointed with the results.  So much of what other folks have sent has really inspired me to take chances and just go for it. That said, I want Karen to adopt me…or at least put me up for a few weeks and teach me everything she knows about choosing colors and patterns.  It helps that I know where she lives…just kidding…well, no, not really.

On a rather sad note, I found out that one of the men who lost everything in the West explosion, also lost his wife yesterday morning in a traffic accident.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Thank you to everyone who has sent something my way for these people; they are so appreciative for whatever they’ve received and we all know that a quilt is really a fabric hug.  I’ve been putting the names of the quilters on the binding of each quilt so that the recipients know the quilts’ origins.  One lady said it meant so much to know that someone was thinking of them.

Until next time: ALL ABOARD!

TGIF and Quilts

Little Orphan Annie may have sung of the virtues of tomorrow, but I’m so glad it’s Friday, I could weep. Bring on the weekend!

Today, I braved I-35 Friday afternoon traffic (trust me when I say, there’s no amount of Xanax on the planet that would help with that drive) and delivered seven more quilts to West, TX. That’s twenty in all if you’re keeping a count. Among those I took, were quilts from Brigitte in Michigan, Sue in Massachusetts and Julianne in California. You can see a picture of five of them here.  I added two more passengers to the train car last night after finishing up the bindings.

From Brigitte in Michigan
From Brigitte in Michigan

Here’s the backing I chose for it.



Here’s a couple of shots of The Diva and the last quilt to hop aboard.



The Diva
The Diva

I’m anticipating some batting from one of the major batting manufacturers.  Thanks to Christine from my FB quilting group, Just Us Quilters, for the info.  I made a call, whined and wheedled, and with luck, will have a few packages on my doorstep in a  week or so.  Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I keep telling myself I really need to clean house before The Co-Defendants start writing SOS messages in the dust.  And the carpets, well, I rationalize that the yard’s still muddy after all the rain we got yesterday, so really, what’s the point in vacuuming until that dries up right?   We’re just gonna keep tracking in mud and leaves until then.  Besides, I’ve got better things to do…like quilt!

Have a great weekend y’all!






West Quilt Train Car #2: The Boxcar

The West Quilt Train keeps rumbling down the tracks and it’s become apparent that all attempts at maintaining a reasonably presentable domicile have been abandoned. I sure hope Martha Stewart doesn’t put in an appearance because my dining room cannot currently qualify as a ‘good thing’.


Himself has assured me that a walkway between the kitchen and living room to the back door is totally unnecessary.  I haven’t caught him in a full eyeball roll so I’m operating under the assumption that his statement is utterly sincere.  As a bonus, I’ve learned to navigate my way around it all in near darkness as I get ready in the morning, thereby avoiding stubbed toes and unsavory expletives.  Those I save for when I get to work.  The expletives, not the stubbed toes.

Anyhoo, here’s the boxcar load for West…


The first quilt is from Sue in Norfolk, MA; the third one comes from Julianne in sunny Placerville, CA; and the fourth one’s from my Mama.  Many thanks, ladies!

Wanna close up of Sue’s and Julianne’s quilts?  Here they are…

Miss Sue’s
Miss Julianne’s

I’ll, of course, post more pictures as quilts are completed or as more completed quilts are received.  As always, thanks to everyone for sending blocks, tops and quilts and for the encouraging notes that come along with them.


My Sister Rocks!

Himself, with his eBay addiction, is generally the only one around here that gets anything interesting in the mail. No, I’m not talking about stuff wrapped in brown paper that you’d just die if your mother saw, thank you very much. Not that I’d know anything about stuff like that.  Ahem…

I mean crap like really, really old car magazines and diecast toys that no one would want unless they were, say, middle-aged men reliving their youth.  Until recently, the most exciting thing that came my way was an offer for Sensa, the weightloss supplement.  Thank you, karma, you hag.

With the whole West Quilt Train thing going on, though, my luck has changed. Most days, there’s at least one package with quilt blocks or a top or two inside. This hefty box came today…

It's kinda squishy..
It’s kinda squishy..

Care to guess what’s inside?  It came all the way from sunny California, where I’m betting the weather isn’t the least bit psychotic like it is here.


Isn’t this gorgeous!?  It’s a lap-sized quilt from Julianne, my sister from another mister, over at Quilting with Calicos.

Thank you, Julianne!  You’re going to make someone’s day!