Giveaway winner!

Through very scientific means a winner has been chosen for my book giveaway.

Drum roll, please!

The winner is…

Karen K. from Buffalo!

Please email me your shipping details to and I’ll get it in the mail ASAP.

There’ll be more books and more chances to snag ’em.  Thanks for playing along ūüėä


Destashing the Sewing Corner

There is that moment every year when I look about myself and think “Sweet sister Sadie!  Where did all this crap come from?”

Mostly it’s uttered when I’m standing at the threshold of one of The CoDefendants’ rooms, staring into the gaping maw that is the suburban equivalent of the pit of Carkoon, at the abundance of books, papers, stuffed animals and assorted detritus.  And especially those *#%?@$ Legos.  I loathe Legos.  The only thing that assuages this snarling mother beast is the lovely sound they make whilst being sucked into the bowels of my vacuum cleaner.  Bwahahahaha!

But not this time.

This time, I’m eyeballing my sewing corner and thinking there might be just a tad too much gar-bahge o’er  yonder.

And so, I’m unloading some of it.  Hopefully on y’all.  ‘Cause I’m generous like that.  And, let’s face it, I’m drowning in stuff.

I’m starting on my plethora of books.  I’ll never sew up all the patterns in all the books I currently own.  It’s disgraceful.  And overwhelming.

So, here, who wants a book?  Specifically this book.  

It’s in good condition.  No tears or bends.  Sure, it may to old enough to have floated over on the Mayflower, but patterns are patterns, amiright?!

Y’all know me: no jumping through hoops, no ‘you must follow’.  Just leave a comment and tell me you want it.  You really, really want it.

Let’s make the deadline for comments Monday the 8th.  I’m not one for dilly dallying.  I’ll use the very scientific method of having one of the house inhabitants draw a name.

I’ll keep going through the stash, culling treasures.  Stay tuned.

We have a winner!

Through scientific means, a winner has been selected for the sewing mat I posted about last week.


Here’s the winning comment.  


Kathy, please contact me with your shipping details.  Congratulations!

Merry Christmas to you all! ūüéĄ

December hodge-podge

Every year it seems the Christmas season is upon us before I’ve even exhaled from the hubbub that is Thanksgiving.  You’d think after 41 years it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  You’d be wrong, but you could think it.  The whole Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas thing is such a conglomeration of activity. Kind of like this post.  Buckle up, buttercup.

So, I’d cleared the table of the bounty that was the last holiday and started hauling in the stash that represents 18 years worth of Christmases for Himself and I and our precious little snowflakes, The Codefendants.  

So.  Much.  Stuff.

We’ve lucked out the last few years, or maybe it’s that Himself and I have cried ‘uncle’ and said “To heck with it; it’s not about the tree anyway” and let His Awesomeness and The Diva have *mostly* free rein to decorate as they see fit.  Having a prelit tree doesn’t hurt either.  Two thumbs up for the prelit tree creator!

His Awesomeness , tree master

I always thought my husband was anal (trust me, that is the word for it) about the tree lights and branches being just so.  He’s got nothing on this kid.
Yes, this is my son shaping branches from under the tree!  Who looks under the tree?!  I wish he’d give as much attention to his rank as a locker room bedroom.


Still at it.

The Diva, being the expert on fashion (hoodies are appropriate for all occasions) and all things decor, none too gently informed me that aqua and lime green weren’t appropriate choices for Christmas.  I’m such a troglodyte.  ūüôĄ

And so it was silver and red for the front porch.  

The only place I was allowed to touch was the treadle sewing machine in the living room.  I swear I don’t know how I leave the house in the morning without being a complete embarrassment to them.  Oh, wait, haha, I don’t.

Still, left to my own devices, I didn’t do half bad.  I love the little olive wood nativity.


And I snuck in a wreath after they’d gone to bed.  We moms are good at that sneaky thing, aren’t we?  How else would the little darlings learn to do it right?  

At the end of the frenzy, we have a truly awesome tree.  Can anyone spot my favorite ornament?  Hint: it’s a hockey player.  

There’s even been a bit of decorating where I work.  Who says bodily functions aren’t funny?!


It was in the 70s here today with 80% humidity and won’t get truly cold until about February.  And the trees still look like this…  

I’m pretty sure Santa wears shorts and a tank top for his flyover.  That’s Texas for ya.

And on a final note, WordPress kindly informed me the other day of my three year blogging anniversary.  As I hopped over from another site, this puts me at the 5 year blogging mark.  Holy crap!  Five years of torturing folks with my ramblings on all things kid, mothering and quilting, with a few expletive filled rants thrown in for good measure. My followers are saints.  Or masochists.  Yep, y’all are awesome!

So, in the spirit of giving, I made a little something to give away in celebration of aforementioned anniversary and in appreciation of you guys.


It’s meant to be a mat for a sewing machine, but let’s face it, once it gets to your house, you can do as you please with it.

If you’d like a chance at it, leave a comment and I’ll have a minion, I mean a child, draw a name on December 18th.

So, here endeth my 5th year of blogging and my 495th post.  I leave you with this…

There’s enough meanspiritedness and asshattery to go around. I should know: I ride a broom occasionally myself. 


While we’re all winding down to make merry and, for some, to await the birth of the Savior, please remember the spirit of the season and be nice to one another…not just for now.  Make an effort.  For the love of Pete, go spread some joy and good cheer!

Can You Say…?


I love pumpkin and cheesecake, so when I saw these babies I thought ‘oooh, eeee mama!’

My reaction?


These are quite possibly the nastiest things I’ve ever eaten…and I’ve had Brussels sprouts before.¬† What a huge disappointment!

None of my U.S. readers came close to my reaction but I’m still giving something away.¬† What kind of broom-riding witch do you take me for?

I did the whole names in a bowl thing and pulled out….ASHLEY!

Please email me your address ( and I’ll drop a little something in the mail.

Thanks to everyone for playing along and commenting!

Hump Day Game!

If ever there’s an upside to fibromyalgia, it’s that you know with 100% certainty that you’ll be in some degree of pain every single day.¬† This week it seems is the week that fibro has upped its game, turned the screws and it stickin’ it to me like nobody’s business.¬† If I continue in this vein, I’ll wind up whining monstrously and sniveling.¬† I’m no beauty queen, but rivulets of tears and snot running down my face¬†wouldn’t up my beauty quotient¬†and the whole red-nosed thing belongs to Rudolph so…..


No, not one of those obnoxious kids’ games that makes you want to stick your finger down your throat or something more adult that involves cards and shucking your clothes.

Let’s play the Guessing Game and the winner gets something awesome from my fabric stash.¬† Have I decided what the prize is?¬† No, I’m too tired to think that far ahead.¬† Think of it as a quilter’s grab bag.¬† The only caveat, is that the right word, is that I’ll mail U.S. only.¬† Sorry, but it’s too expensive to do the overseas thing and selling a body part to pay postage isn’t my idea of a good time.¬† Maybe next time.

So, here goes…

Give me a one word answer to describe your reaction to these cookies. If it matches mine, you win.  Yes, I am desperate for distraction.  Work with me here!


Another Fons and Porter Review and a Freebie

Uh-oh, I’ve been asked for my opinion yet again.¬†¬†It’s either rainbows and unicorns or the seventh circle of hell.¬† Brace yourselves!¬†¬†After the last time Eric of Fons and Porter fame asked for my opinion, I figured I’d never be asked again.¬† I raise a glass to you, Eric, for your intestinal fortitude.¬† Here goes nothing…


I was asked to review a quilting tutorial of my choice¬†on daily craft tv, the online tutorial mecca for crafters¬†of the quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking and papercrafting persuasion.¬† Here’s the link to the site.¬†¬†Knock yourself out.

You’re treated to about a 60 second snippet to whet your appetite,¬†pique your interest, float your boat, or melt your butter.¬† You can access the full version¬†after joining the site.¬† Prices range from¬†$4.99 on up per tutorial.¬† Once you pay the fee, you get to view the tutorial repeatedly and at your leisure which is good for slow learners or the slightly forgetful.¬† Not that I know anyone like this.¬† Ahem.

In the interest of full disclosure, I got my tutorial¬†gratis; they’re getting¬†my review.¬† Which is not to say¬†I’m¬†getting paid to say what someone wants to hear.¬† Ha-ha.¬† As if.¬†¬†

For one brief moment in time, I almost succumbed to the siren call of the Hawaiian Quilting tutorial, but instead¬†chose Strip Piecing 7 Ways with Jodie Davis and Ashley Briggs.¬† Running at roughly 51 minutes, I was treated to various ways to use up those pesky strip scraps instead of just pitching ’em in the trash (which is what I usually do…someone grab the smelling salts).

Jodie discussed various foundations (newsprint, muslin…I usually use copy paper), techniques and patterns.¬† She even used the ‘A’ word.¬† Yep, applique.¬† I had to lay down for a moment after that one.¬† When I first started quilting, it was the muslin foundation I learned on.¬† Since then, I’ve discovered paper-piecing which is, in my humble opinion,¬†God’s gift to perfectionist quilters everywhere.¬† I really like the idea of using Jelly Rolls for this, but it was also suggested to cut a couple of strips from yardage when you’re working up an in-progress pattern.¬† I think new quilters and those who learn better visually with step-by-step instructions would really enjoy this site.¬† Experienced/expert/out-of-my-league quilters may not.¬† That’s just something you’d have to decide for yourself.¬† Me, I like lots of instructions and then leave me alone.¬† I found the tutorial to be entertaining, informative and worth the time.


Now, on to the free part.¬† Eric has graciously offered a free tutorial of your choice to ONE of my viewers.¬†¬†Everyone say ‘Thank you, Eric!’

This is the point at which I have to come up with some clever something or other so everyone leaves a comment and gets a chance to win.¬† Geez, you people make this sooo hard!¬† Here’s the question….


Using your quilting skills, what other job, vocation or mayhem could you engage in?


Me, I’d be a pizza cutter or serial killer.

Okay, now it’s your turn!¬† One comment per person please.¬†¬†Because he gave me a deadline (what nerve!), I’ll leave the giveaway open¬†until¬†Friday, August 23rd at 2pm my time.¬† No late entries, no duplicate entries.¬† Just sayin’!


Blog Hop Winners!

Here’s Himself choosing two lucky winners from my blog’s giveaway in conjunction with The Quilting Gallery’s Celebrate Back to School blog hop…

Thanks to everyone who participated, left such nice comments and decided to follow my blog.  I hope you’ll stick around and experience even more of this family’s craziness with an occasional quilt post thrown in for good measure.  I’m very sorry I didn’t get to personally reply to each comment.  Having never participated before, I really underestimated the number of visitors I’d have.  Mea culpa!

That said, without further ado, I give you the two lucky winners…

Lisa Lisa wins Bundle #1

Ruth Ann wins Bundle #2

I’ve sent each of you ladies an email notifying you of your win!  Congratulations!

If I haven’t heard from either lady within 24 hours, I’ll choose another two names.

Thanks again for visiting and playing along.  I hope everyone had a blast on the hop and look forward to doing this again soon!

Happy quilting, y’all!


The lucky recipient of the leftover Christmas strips is…


Please email me ASAP with your shipping info and I’ll drop it in the mail on Monday.  Thanks everybody for playing along and to Betty P for sharing her scraps in the first place!