Wife, mother, quilter…just not necessarily in that order.

I’m a married mom to two nasty urchins (whom I refer to collectively as The Co-Defendants or individually as His Awesomeness and The Diva). Why ‘The Co-Defendants’, you may be asking yourself. It’s because they blame each other and it’s never their fault.

We live within walking distance of my parents…kind of like a mini-Kennedy compound but without the sea view and all that scandal.

I enjoy reading, blogging, eating and if my children are to be believed, yelling at them.  I also thoroughly enjoy quilting, although, to be more accurate, I really like piecing quilt tops.  The quilting I could totally do without.  Does that make me a quilter or a piecer?  Ah, well, just another question flung out into the cosmos.

I have a substantial number of firmly held convictions (what some folks call opinions) from which I refuse to be swayed. If that offends you, leave now.

I’ve worked in laboratory medicine since my early twenties…which was just last week, thanks for asking.   Yes, I wear a white coat. No, I’m not a nurse or doctor. For the lazy ones out there who won’t look up the term ‘ancillary service’ that means everybody else other than doctors and nurses.  You’re welcome.  And no, I don’t do it STAT.

As for life in Texas…no, we don’t live on a ranch or cook over an open fire, although I’ve discovered that I really like to grill. I suppose here’s where I get to confess that I hate football with a passion. Gasp! I know, it’s totally unnatural but there you have it. I do, however, love hockey…God I miss Vladimir Konstantinov. I don’t have an accent…Texans don’t have them. Commenting on my supposed accent does not endear you to me, it just pisses me off. No, I don’t ride on horseback. The only hunting I do is at the grocery store or at the local quilt shop for a good deal. No, I’m not a doomsday prepper, secessionist or religious fanatic although the first two aren’t entirely bad ideas. As for the religious part, I believe in God (that’s a capital ‘G’) and simply do the best I can and hope He’s gracious enough to let me through the pearly gates when He punches my ticket.

I’ve a nasty habit of cursing when the occasion calls for it and at least one Co-Defendant has commented on my penchant for waving with my middle finger. Suck it up and move on. Everyone’s got their vices.

I spent the vast majority of my childhood years doing and saying exactly what was expected, therefore, this blog constitutes in no small way, my adult attempt to have my say and move the heck on.  When you nominate me for Mother of the Year, make sure you spell my name right.  I blog because it’s cheaper than therapy and I don’t have to get dressed to do it. No, I don’t blog naked (be grateful) but I may or may not still be in my pajamas when I post something. I’m not gonna get rich or famous doing this BUT if you can leave my blog feeling validated (Thank you, Jesus, it’s not just me!) or relieved (Thank you, Jesus, I’m not like her!), then I think I can be rather proud.

And you’re in luck…my husband (Himself to my blogging friends) says I’m only nice to strangers.


  1. Hey Stephanie! I just found your blog and love it! You totally crack me up! I love your sense of humor and your crazy imperfect life!

  2. Oh how I envy you your Feathweight! The photos make me turn a bit green and nasty! I bought one on E bay but had to send it back as some dreadful person had wrecked the bobbin race. How kind of you to make such a great quilt for your friend, the colours are lovely.

    • LOL! It is my favorite machine even though he does no fancy stitches; he’s quiet and quaint. Someday you’ll find one! Thanks for the comments on the quilt. We’re both pretty pleased.

  3. Hi there – just read your blog abobout the finished Manly Quilt – and I loved it. Do tell your son that his picture has made it via blogland all the way down to New Zealand (do you know where that is, in the Pacific Ocean). Although I couldn’t see his face, I can tell he is a cutie! So if I have noticed him, millions of others have too! Just a shame that I’m a tad over sweet 16!

    • I thank you for your kind comments about His Awesomeness. I passed them along to him and, in true teenage fashion, he is embarrassed and appalled. LOL, what a hoot, although I may never get him to pose for me again!

  4. This is my first visit to your blog and what an enjoyable place it is to visit! I love your term “Co-defendants”. I found you by way of Crazy Mom Quilts. Thank you!

  5. Oh my goodness, I can’t breathe! I feel like I’ve known you forever yet I just found you! I agree with every opinion except one my oldest witch looks divine when she cries ( the ******). I will be watching out for more from you. Have the Greatest day.

    • Thanks for the compliments, Janet! I need all the nice words I can get. The CoDefendants have spent the weekend disparaging the origins of one another. I settled the argument by saying they’re both trolls we found under a bridge. I’m pretty sure I’m only a few snarky comments away from claiming my Mother of the Year crown. 😳

  6. I recently found your blog. You.are.awesome! I, too, speak fluent “French”, do not have an accent, and love to piece quilt tops more than I care to quilt them. Love your quilts!

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. I always love finding a kindred ‘piecing-only’ spirit. I’ll quilt them eventually, but it’s a real chore. Shh, don’t tell the Quilt Police! 😬

  7. I found you through crazyMomquilts and I am so glad. I have never before read a blog and laughed until I cried. I tried reading a part to my husband but was laughing hysterically and could barely get through it. For some strange reason (I’m guessing it’s because he is a man) he couldn’t see what was so funny. It’s not his fault. I will keep him anyway. Anyway, I want to thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon read. I will definitely be back!!

    • Thanks for the compliments, Heather! I’m glad you found me. These poor men…my husband’s the same way. He just stares and shakes his head. Come back soon!

  8. I totally love your blog! makes me laugh out loud everytime i read you, i am anotherone who found you through crazymom πŸ˜‰ keep going, you rock!

  9. Loved the tea towels you whipped up, and decided to make some too. Mine are different from yours, but I used up some 6in blocks that were laying about, and a piece of soft cotton waffle cloth to back them with. Thanks for the idea.
    I’m a blog follower and really enjoy your fun style of writing.

    • I hopped over and checked out your towels—very cute and a good way to use up leftover blocks. You’re welcome for the idea and thanks for following me!

  10. Hi Stephanie, I’m nominating you for a Liebster Award. You can “read all about it” on my blog this coming Sunday (ZippyQuilts.wordpress.com). I enjoy your blog πŸ™‚ Mary

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