Shakin’ and makin’

It’s my day off and after dropping the dachshund at the vet’s for her annual tooth scrubbing, I took myself to breakfast for some caffeine, carbs, and reading.

Doesn’t she look delighted? It’s always this way with her. The excitement of strapping in to her harness and the thrill of a car ride until the very last turn. Then the “oh, crap” moment when it dawns on her that we’re not at the park. Did I feel guilty for dumping her and running? Maybe a smidge.

I hit Joann’s for Rit dye and $$ later left with way more than I’d intended. Hey, the Alexander Henry fabric was 40% off! You know, the kind with the good looking dames and sculpted menfolk? Someday there will be an epic quilt.

Once I got home I pulled out the dye, tugged on the gloves and started mixing concoctions with abandon. I am quite pleased.

I used a mix of liquid and powdered dye from Rit (Denim liquid and Royal Blue powdered) and Tulip (Turquoise powdered). First I dampened the Aida then mixed up the powdered dye and did a low water immersion. From there I dropped liquid dye straight from the bottle, spritzed it with water and waited. I did the same thing with more powdered dye. I kept at the process until I was happy. The dye was set using another Rit product that took about 20 minutes.

For this piece, I repeated the wetting down process, used exclusively liquid Rit dyes, and then split the dyeing process between a jar for the first step and crumbled into a pan for the second. Once I achieved the initial color I was looking for in the jar I moved the piece to a pan and did the same “sprinkle” technique as the first piece. I used Coral, Pink Quartz, Wine, and Orange. For the setting process I used a recipe I found on the inter webs that combined salt and white vinegar. It took about an hour. While I didn’t like that part, I did like using natural ingredients rather than who knows what in the Rit product.

While I waited on the dye jobs I rummaged through the cupboard and found the makings for a sugar/salt body scrub. It smells fabulous (margarita!) and feels really good on my skin. I used a premixed sugar/salt base from Hobby Lobby along with almond oil and enough fragrance to make me happy.

I wound up with enough for three tins and still have enough base and oil left over for more when the mood strikes.

I celebrated the day’s accomplishments with a shake and shimmy to Queen and Def Leppard. Thankfully there are no pics or witnesses.

I’m now off to collect the four legged dictator and pay a king’s ransom for her pearly whites. Happy day!


  1. I read your posts every time they show up in my email. Always put a smile on my face. Enjoyed the retreat with your mom last week. Hope to see you soon!

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