Fiber, Friends, Fun

Time is never wasted when it’s spent in the company of good friends and I did just that this past Thursday through Saturday at IQF in Houston.

Twenty nineteen marks only the second time I’ve attended Festival but the festival itself is celebrating 45 years of bringing together beautiful, innovative and thought provoking quilts from across the globe.

I arrived just prior to the 10am start to find a seemingly endless line waiting to get in. A coworker had texted me to meet up and I found her waiting in the lobby of the convention center. We chatted a bit then went our separate ways. I had quilts to see and she a class.

If you’ve never been, the quilts are divided by theme. The overall theme was IQF’s sapphire anniversary…hence a treasure trove of blue quilts.

There were 120 quilts suspended from the ceiling, miniature sapphire quilts below and still more placed here and there around the convention floor.

I took pictures of my favorites but somehow missed the book cataloging the artists names. I’m a baaaadd girl. 😔 Apologies ahead of time to the artists.

Below are just a few of my very favorites from the sapphire exhibit.

Zoom in on that one above. It’s constructed of perfect tiny circles I’m guessing are about 1/2″ in diameter. Ah-may-zing.

This one ☝️ was spectacular. I could almost hear the crashing of the waves. I’m sure I looked a-ok standing there, head cranked back, mouth agape as I stared. At least there wasn’t any drool.

And this one. I could go on and on.

Traditional, modern, appliquéd, painted, trapuntoed. There was something for everyone.

I’ll be breaking down the quilts over the next few days as there are too many to try and shovel into just one blog post.

Until next time, enjoy the view and keep on stitching!


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