OMG, it’s a finish

I started a new quilt yesterday. That in itself is nothing unusual. It’s the finishing that’s a bit dicey.

This retreat I was on a mission to get the coveted Golden Scissors charm for my name tag . To get it, I’d have to piece, quilt, and bind a quilt to completion all without doing any prep work like cutting stuff out ahead of time. ✂️

I arrived at retreat yesterday morning, got settled in, and got down to business. By bedtime (10 pm 😳 which is LATE for me) I’d managed to piece the center and add one skinny border. 🧵

Somehow, the sleep gods smiled on me and I rolled out of bed at 6 am (also, late for me). The top was finished and the backing piecing begun before breakfast. By lunchtime, I had the backing piecing finished, the quilt sandwich pinned together, and the quilting finished. Boom, boom, boom!

My favorite part of the whole making a quilt process is hand stitching down the binding. Yes, you read that right. I don’t like cutting it all out; piecing it is meh; quilting it is a drag. But the handwork is quite pleasurable. Do I hand quilt? Negative, Ghost Rider. It’s only the binding that gets the love.

Behold my Army Mom quilt.

I don’t usually go in for pieced backings either but it’ll do and it was a learning experience. One I don’t care to repeat, but a lesson nonetheless.

I’m betting I’ll sleep well tonight.

What’s under your needle?


  1. Nice job & I’m very impressed that you got it finished in such a short period of time! Did you use 5″ squares for the front? And I have no idea how you did the backing, but you’ve impressed me!!

  2. Love it I did one similar for Air Force. I also used a few charms packs. And hands down binding is my favorite part because I know I’m close to DONE!!! And it’s a relaxing wind down.
    My project right now is Edyta Sitar’s Trail Mix which I think might take me the next life time but so far I love it!

  3. Great quilt and congratulations on winning the golden scissors charm! I’d love to see a pic of the charm? Is this a contest they do each year at your retreat? I love the idea!

    • Thank you!! It’s a little gold metal charm and it’s for each person who starts and completes a quilt. There are size requirements for the quilt (48” square minimum). I’ve coveted one and set my mind to getting it this time around.

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