Stitching for schnitzel

My life is dominated by a 12 pound, four-legged pain in the ass named Ziva David. You read that right. Himself named her after the NCIS character. ๐Ÿ™„

My afternoons and days off are spent letting her in and out, in and out on an endless quest to rid the backyard of obnoxious squirrels and equally offensive birds.

She is a needy creature and one for whom routine is everything. 3am? It’s time to pee. 3:02am? Time to eat. 12:59 pm? Almost time to eat. 1:00pm? Time to eat!

She’s never met a sweater or blanket she didn’t like. Unless you count actual dog sweaters and then all bets are off.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing ads for something called a “Snuggle Sack”. Please, no scrotum jokes. They’ve been bandied about plenty this evening. Jokes, not scrotums.

Y’all these things cost $44. Rather ridiculous for something my dog will sit in, coiled like a furry anaconda ready to strike, licking herself vigorously all the while. So I hauled my cheap self up to The Walmart and for $3.84 and five minutes of my time, made Her Highness her own cozy wiener cover.

Yes, it’s blue. A blue, fuzzy sack. I am equal parts appalled and amused. Mostly amused…because I get to say my dachshund has a fuzzy blue sack.

You’re welcome.

Happy weekend.

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