Cruising the Quilt Show

Mom and I headed north on Saturday to hit the Dallas Quilt Show. As always, the weather was foul and Dallas-area drivers completely and utterly bonkers.

We met up with quilting friends at the Original Market Diner on Harry Hines. I highly recommend the gyro sandwich.

It’s always great to see these gals again. You can get all the deets in Deb’s blog here.

Then it was onward to Dallas Market Hall! I’ll spare you pics of my purchases. Believe it or not I only bought 2 yards of fabric and a Layer Cake. 😲 Well, I bought other stuff but that’s the only fabric I bought. 🤫

I’m posting a few of my favorite quilts from the show. Captions for each quilt appear below the photo. Enjoy!

“Color Me Happy” by Jennifer Johnstone

“Dagwood” by Adrienne Poppe

“Made in the USA” by Sue Faber and Harold Groves

“Midnight Dreams” by Suzy Webster, Kathy Shier, and Janell Dahms

Midnight Dreams was a favorite of Mom’s. Being from the southwest, it’s easy to see why.

The piecing on this next one was tiiinyyy. It’s abstract and I don’t understand it, but I can appreciate the hell out the patience it took to piece all those itty bitty bits. And it’s super cool at look at.

“The Heron, The Kayak, and The Grebes, Part

II” by Kathy York

“Mr. T White Gloves at the Quilt Show”. No credit on the

Until next time.


  1. Amazing quilts. The abstract one is ridiculously tiny. Hours and hours have gone into that. I like abstract, but not getting it unless it’s based on colours shapes are all the same.

    Mr T is amazing. I’m not sure there are quilt shows in the UK as there are over there. I know there are craft shows and such. Must look into it. I’m probably missing out 😁

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