The sewing front

There’s progress in the sweatshop.

I’ve been working on strip blocks for 🤷‍♀️…I have no idea what project, but when I need them, they’ll be there. Assuming I can find them, of course. You know how that story goes.

This entire box of 1 1/2″ wide leftovers is from a Bonnie Hunter quilt along I did a couple of years back. They’re taking up space and need to go. Why they need to go remains to be seen, but I’ll chalk it up to a semi-Marie Kondo moment. For that, I blame The Diva. They’re not bringing me joy just sitting in the box and I’m too cheap to just get rid of them.

And who uses a phone book anymore?! They’re still faithfully delivered out here and I usually wind up tossing them, but they work pretty well for my string block purposes.

Ziva has been keeping me company and roasting herself in front of the little floor heater. Lord knows I can’t seem to function alone for any length of time without her input.

I’ve stitched up a dozen each of the red and blue strip blocks. Love the reds, the blues not so much.

The blue blocks turned out more aqua than true blue, but I’m not sweating the small stuff here. They’ll either work out well in a quilt or become a “don’t” for the Quilt Police to wag their tongues over. Biddies. 🙄

I also got a wild hair to make pot holders. Again, the Insul-Bright wasn’t “bringing me joy” just laying there all rolled up and I’m on a mission to purge some of the fat quarters that’ve been squatting in the storage cabinet in the dining room. What, you use your dining room cabinets for dishes? Amateurs.

The cabinet runneth over and no, I won’t show you. No sense giving anyone ammunition for a Hoarders intervention.

They turned out pretty cute if you don’t look too closely. I must say I hate Insul-Bright. What’s in the stuff that makes my hands itch like mad? Do I want to know? Probably not.

I’m saving the final thread clipping for evening time when there’s nothing on but NASCAR or a Chuck Norris movie marathon. Shoot me now.

In the meantime, I find that I’m now enjoying my new to me sewing studio with minimal guilt.

I’ve left enough of His Army Awesomeness’ stuff in here to maintain a minimal level of testosterone. Not so much that I sprout chin hairs, but enough that when he comes home to visit he can sleep in here without fear of having to overshare his feelings and binge watch Lifetime chick flicks.

The view, what there is of it, isn’t so bad either.

Until next time!


  1. Glad to see you are back! Missed your sense of humor. The batik with black stripe is going to be gorgeous. I have a bunch of batik scraps…wonder if I have some black somewhere. Nice you have a sewing space. I’ve pretty much taken over most of the house.
    Suzanne in Massachusetts.

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I took over when His Awesomeness left for boot camp. Still toying with tossing the bed just to free up more space. Time will tell. He chose the batiks and pattern for his high school graduation quilt. I’m a bit behind.

      • Don’t toss the bed! My oldest came back 5 times. Always made him feel wanted. The last time I told him he could come back but his stuff couldn’t. He had to put it in storage. (Now married with four kids)

      • When he came home last time he slept on the floor. Said he was used to doing that 🤷‍♀️. We’ll see. I waffle back and forth every day.

  2. Yes welcome back to this space! I too have to have mindless sewing set up for the endless sport or action movies that I must endure if I am to get my turn at watching British crime series….ahh marriage! My sewing space is a constant tidying effort, but what I do is , tidy , then shop , to reward myself for the hard days spent tidying….and tidy again…..and reward and tidy and ………not a lotta sewing! Haha.

    • Hi Susan 👋🏻. I left the sweatshop in a bit of a mess but am justifying it by saying I’ve been so busy working in it. Time for tidying up this afternoon. Have a great week!

  3. Welcome back-sure missed your entertaining posts!! Can you please send some of your tidying up energy this way? I walk into my sewing space and get overwhelmed and then leave, which results in no progress whatsoever.

    I love string blocks, they are such a great way to use up those last few inches of a cut of fabric or the scraps. I’ll have to make some single color blocks as mine are all scrappy.

  4. I like those batik blocks with the black stripes. All my scraps are cut into strips of widths varying from 1.5″ to 4.5″ in 1/2 inch increments. Then when I need strips, I have them. Hoarding brings me joy, so no de-stashing here!!!

    • My son picked out those batiks and the pattern. It’ll look cool when it’s done. I wish I had the space and storage capability for scraps/strips for future quilts. Alas, I do not. As for you, hoard away my friend!!

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