Playing catch up

Nine months.

That’s how long it’s been since I stepped away from the keyboard and let the blog just lay here…like a sloth, a slug, a lump.

If you’re still here, you have my thanks.

So nine months’ worth of happenings goes a little something like this:

His Awesomeness graduated high school and enlisted in the Army. This 👇🏻was taken at Family Day when he completed basic training. Yes, it was cold. And I was trying to avoid an ugly-snot cry.

Himself and I celebrated 21 years of not killing one another.

The Diva started high school and is kicking ass and taking names. And hanging with the heifers down at the Ag barn.

Ziva is, as always, running the show.

Yes, her bed is HA’s beanbag chair. The dachshund must have her throne. 🙄

In true Mother of the Year fashion, I made HA pack up his room prior to his departure for basic training. There was no way in hell I was gonna be stuck packing up a lifetime’s worth of crap while trying to decide what stayed/what went and ugly-snot crying. He still left me a fair amount of crap to ditch, I mean treasures to cull, food items turned science experiments to notify the local health department about, and some antique Tupperware I never even missed. And an e-cigarette he still denies having. I digress.

I think the results are pretty nice, although when he came home on leave his exact words on entering his room were “what the hell is this shit?!”

Hey, I left his bed (which is hogging a helluva lot of room), dresser, a bookshelf groaning under the strain of its load, and the entire wall to wall top shelf for his most treasured of treasured stuff. The rest of the space? Mine, all mine.

The other Army moms told me to keep busy, so I was just following orders. Even The Diva’s room got a new coat of paint. Y’all, I dusted and painted the baseboards. 😳

You’d think with my newly acquired space I’d be getting some serious sewing 🧵 done. But, no. And so here we are, you and I, sharing an uncomfortable silence.

Someone should fart.

Anyhoo, I am currently forcing myself to sew. Such drudgery. I know the mojo will return. It just needs a little nudge. Off a cliff.

Until next time. And let’s hope that isn’t nine months.

Namaste, y’all.


  1. It’s alright. I belched at the right part. Maybe cross stitch is what you need??
    It’s difficult to let them grow up–the sewing room is a poor consolation prize.

    • Well, thank you for that, Annette! Cross stitching is what I’ve been doing of late. I used to love stitching on linen, but the eyeballs aren’t what they used to be so it’s 14 count Aida for me. As for His Army Awesomeness, he’s doing well, missing home, but learning a lot.

  2. Welcome back! Life sometime gets in the way of stitching & blogging. After nearly two years of interruptions I’m finding my way back, too. I have found that having my sewing projects small and easily completed has helped to ease me back into my sewing mojo. New normals are definitely an adjustment, relax & enjoy the process!

    • Hello, my friend, and welcome back to you too! I cranked out a handful of red strip blocks this afternoon. It’s a start. I find the harder I push, the less appealing the endeavor so slow and steady I go!

  3. Hey Girl, Good to “read” you!. Wow some big changes in your life, but you have survived to tell the tale. I too have been in a sewing?quilting slump. Was able to get my Dad’s quilt finished for Christmas and made a few infinity scarfs as gifts, but other than that nada. My hubs “Harley” quilt has been on the quilting frame for a few weeks, just waiting for some stitching.
    Looking forward to more tales of family and quilting.

    • Hi, Cy! Yes, His Army Awesomeness’ high school graduation quilt is still in the construction phase so I know what you’re talking about. One day, one stitch at a time.

  4. Boy howdy how I have missed your snark!

    Please, hang in there. The joy in sewing will return.

    And if I am wrong about that, would you please keep posting anyway?

    Not selfish at all, am I…

  5. Well, we’ve all been in that sewing slump from time to time. Please thank your son for serving our country. He will do you proud.

  6. It was fun getting your email post! Glad all is well Congrats to HA! I know how hard it it when the first kid goes off to the service or college! It leaves a big hole in the house and more! Glad the Diva is enjoying high school! Happy anniversary to you and your man! My hubby and I are right behind you & are celebrating 21 years of wedded bliss on 2/28!! It’s great to hear from ya and sure hope you get your sewjo back!!! xox

  7. So glad to read your update! I have had slumps in my sew-jo mojo, too! You’re right, little fun projects are satisfying and may help spark the creative juices! I love your writing. You are a hoot! 😊

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