Sewing sister

In quilting, as in life, sometimes something comes along that just screams “YOU NEED ME!”

I’m thinking along the lines of chocolate 🍫, cocktails 🍹, or an alibi.

Last week, it was a fancy-schmancy sewing machine. Well, I say fancy like it does everything but butter your butt and call you a biscuit, but you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong: I love my ’54 Featherweight, Lenny. But Lenny is a straight shooter. No fancy stitches. No automatic needle down. No “here, let me thread the needle for you, you old bat!”

But this machine does. Heehee.

I lurked in the sewing aisle of Wally World so long, I was starting to creep myself out. Yikes!

Did I need it?


Did I want it?

Like a premenstrual woman wants an entire Godiva chocolate cheesecake.

So many stitches…😲

It came with enough feet to make Old Mother Hubbard giddy PLUS a FMQ foot and a walking foot. Be still, my covetous heart.

A walking foot is my dream come true. Actually, no, that’s Tom Selleck. But a walking foot’s damn close!

And then…le sigh…the piece de resistance…

Someone hold me.

Isn’t it divine? Like the Jason Momoa of sewing gadgetry. I need a cigarette. And possibly a cold shower.

I almost feel a little guilty having banished Lenny to the closet. Almost. Doesn’t she look pretty sitting there?

I pondered over names for several days and asked for suggestions on my Facebook page. I’ve never had to pick a girl’s name, The Diva’s notwithstanding. Who would join my merry band of Lenny and Tom? Nothing really grabbed me until I was listening to a favorite band and then I knew.

Meet Molly…as in the Celtic punk band Flogging Molly. She’s kinda loud, a little flashy, and makes my toes tap along to the beat.

She’s been here atop the table since November 8th and a certain male someone in my house has yet to notice her. Care to wager how long it’ll take him? 🤔😉🤪

Happy stitching!


  1. You are going to have so much fun with that machine! Nice to meet someone else who gives their machines names 🙂 Mine are all girls, except one that my daughter named… poor Fritz is outnumbered by girl machines! xx

    • I get a lot of side-eye when I mention my machines are named for boys, but that makes them pretty unique I suppose. I’ve the weekend free and plan to sew as much as humanly possible. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Himself might never notice. Glad you found a new best friend!! I love my Brother–platonically, of course.

    • I semi-joke that a hoard of Vikings could rampage through our home and Himself would never notice. So far, I’m loving my Brother, too…and not in that weird Angelina Jolie and her brother weird. 😳

  3. I’m glad to see I’m not the only gitty person when it comes to buying a machine….i bet you will sew and he won’t notice. Then he’ll ask something and come by your machine. Oh! when did you get that machine???? We love them but takes a few times for the picture to sink in….lol lol Unless you put a football beside….lol

    • He “noticed” last night, but only after he read about it on the blog post to my Facebook page. Crazy man! He notices things when they get too close to his ‘68 Plymouth; otherwise it’s Oblivion City.

    • I once brushed, and I do mean BARELY, brushed against the Roadrunner. I thought his eyes were going to pop from their sockets he was so freaked out. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by the blog!

  4. Enjoy your new sewing buddy. I know you two will make magic together. I still like sewing on my vintage Singers (15-91 & FW).

    My old sewing machine had several decorative stitches on it that I never ended up using during my garment sewing days. I did buy a “new” machine 2 years ago that is still sitting in the box. I do look at it everyday but haven’t unboxed it yet. The vintage machines are getting all of my attention. Someday soon though.:)

    • I do miss how quiet my Featherweight is. Molly’s a noisy girl…probably all that plastic covering her up. I’m piecing rag quilts on her this weekend. I’ll probably keep using Lenny the FW for retreats. Happy quilting to you and your vintage ladies, Mary!

  5. Worth every sigh and every dollar, I’m sure! I got my machine at a quilt show, then found that all the lessons I could have taken at a shop were on YouTube! Check it out 😆

  6. After 8 years of frustration trying to use an $8000 machine that starts with “B”, I packed it up and ordered a new machine. Not the same brand. This one starts with a “J”! It also is noisier, but everything works! And I love using it. Now, what to do with the “B”…….

    • I can’t imagine what all an $8000 sewing machine could do…maybe dishes or the vacuuming? So far, I really like my Walmart special, especially the walking foot (which NEVER worked with my Featherweight). 2018 will be the year I quilt all the finished tops I have laying about, so we’ll see how well it quilts. I’m glad you finally have a machine that does what it’s supposed to even if it is noisy. Happy stitching!

  7. Your machine looks just lovely, good luck with it. I only just fell across “My Imperfect Life” on Crazy Mom Quilts and just had a wonderful laugh, you crack me up. I will keep looking each Friday to what you have to say.
    Your Bermuda girl follower.

  8. I absolutely LOVE this post!!!! In describing your “needle threading option for those of us who are most likely on the other side of 50”, you gave me my first “belly laugh” of the day…..and that, my Dear is a WONDERFUL gift!!! LoL. I could identify completely as I too recently invested in what I call my new “fancy pants” machine with all kinds of bells and whistles and YES…….tons of fancy stitches like yours!!! Woopie!!!!!! Now I just need to figure out how to use it!!! 🙂

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