The scenic route

I went off on a tangent and forgot to show you our route home from Pennsylvania.  For shame!

We said goodbye to Mechanicsburg and hello to Maryland/DC/Virginia traffic.  Himself, at my insistence, picked up some speed so we didn’t wind up as someone else’s hood ornament.

“This is nuts!  How fast is the speed limit through here?  Surely not THIS fast?” he exclaimed.

Who cared?  We were bookin’ it like a local!  Vroom!!

Himself and His Awesomeness were thrilled beyond all reason to tour the shipyard at Norfolk.  Sorry, no photos were allowed, but let me see if I can do the ships justice with just words.  

They were big, gray, and metal.  🚢 😬.  I’ve never quite understood the salivating that goes on when men describe big hulking vessels as ‘she’ and wax poetic about ‘her’ beauty and lines, etc.  Whatever floats your boat, I suppose…pardon the pun.

The boys were also delighted to tour the USS Wisconsin.

His Awesomeness is contemplating a career in the Navy.  I hope today’s ships can accommodate taller people because he was ducking throughout the tour.

Our final stop was here…

We were a completely pooped bunch, but, oh, the scenery!

Totally ugly and completely disappointed…said no one ever.  His Awesomeness said he’d be moving here.  Funny, but I never saw a ship.  🤔

The weather was fine, the temperature in the 60s and the hot flashes kept at bay.  It was almost a shame to come back down into the heat and humidity.  My heart wants to go back.

We finally made it home to our own bed, Dr. Pepper, and a dachshund who growled at us.

Home sweet home 🏡 


  1. Stephanie, Love your sharing of your trip, and your other hilarious adventures. Thanks for the BRP photos, my fave.

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