Where the magic happens

Disney’s Magic Kingdom motto is “The most magical place of earth”.  To this I say “nuh-uh”.  Sure, it lacks the catchy quality for which Disney is famous, but Disney’s got nothing on my favorite quilt shop.

Maybe you’ve read a post or two here where I’ve mentioned them by name, but I realized the last time I visited that I’d never taken pictures.  This post takes care of that oversight.  Bad quilter!

Simply Fabrics, at 6408 Gholson Rd in Waco, TX is my favorite local quilt shop.  I never knew it existed until we’d driven past it and Himself said “Oh, boy, have you been in there yet?”  My credit card is now well-acquainted with the staff.  I was told they’d been there about four years, but didn’t advertise.  No kidding.  The last time I checked, they were still working on their website.  Fingers crossed that it’s up and running in the near future. 

First, there’s the building.  How can you not like a building with rustic porch pillars and railing?  Roughly twenty miles from my house, it’s surrounded by trees, just far enough out of town to not hear constant noise but close enough to pop in for a quick (or not so quick) visit.  The simple sign says it all.  Sigh…come in, browse, relax.  

It’s run by members of Homestead Heritage, an agrarian group committed to simple living. That’s the best way I can describe them. Each lady I’ve met has been super sweet. I’ve never walked in and not been greeted and they’re perfectly happy to let you wander while they sew away in the large backroom.  The prices are typically below your average quilt shop with shelves lined with names such as French General, Aunt Grace, and Benartex.  They carry a good assortment of notions, patterns, and books as well.  The perimeter of the room has bolts divided by color while the center shelves are collections ranging from floral to children’s novelty to batiks.

Real hardwood floors, not that fake stuff.  Reminds me of my childhood home.

Originally opened to serve the Homestead community as a place to buy fabrics and patterns for their clothing, they began to branch out into quilting.

There’s quite a bit of Minkee (the fabric equivalent of Beelzebub) and flannel available…all of excellent quality at a good price.  They’ve even started carrying wool and small wool kits.

See something you’d like, but can’t find it in a fat quarter?  No problem, just ask and they’re happy to cut it for you.  They’re also starting to offer classes including one on handquilting.  I’ve never seen any shop sample that wasn’t handquilted.  

Out of frame to the right is a shelf for clearance fabrics…$5 a yard.

If you’re in the area (and even if you’re not) drop in and browse.  Say hello, stay awhile, and make your credit card squeal a little.


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