Simple stitches

I can say with pride that I am waaay behind on En Provence and a Garden Party quilt along.  I have tops in need of quilting stacking up and I care not one whit.  My mantra has become ‘Nope, not today’.  

Three cheers for slackers!  Perhaps this means I’m finally beating my perfectionist side into submission.

That said, this week has been one of simple projects.

I’ll start with these fleece stadium blankets.

After freezing portions of my substantial badonkadonk off at The Diva’s interminable track meets (if they run THAT fast, why does the meet take so dang long?!) I decided Gramma and I needed a little cover.  These were easy.  I got three blankets out of seven yards of leopard print fleece.  Yes, they are generous.  That and the badonkadonk is big.  Ahem.  I broke out the Ginghers and ragged the edges.  Voila!

Never mind that there are only two meets left and the temperatures have now reached the 80s.  At least I’ll be prepared for next season, right?!

Next up was a quilt-as-you-go baby quilt.

Flannel top, flannel back.  It’s so snuggly!

I planned to bind the edges and then thought ‘Nope, not today’ and opted for the ragged edge instead.

Some people, i.e. the Quilt Police, will tell you the  Canons of Quilting state that the batting shouldn’t be visible.  To that I say pshaw!  Or something more colorful.  I’ll get back to you on that one.  A quilt should be however the heck you like it.  Tell the QP to take a flying leap.

Here, enjoy one more pic of fluffy-edged rag quilt porn.  You’re welcome.  Oh.  Em.  Gee!

And last, I made several burp cloths.  I haven’t wiped upchuck from my shoulder in an age, but I remember those tissue thin, useless store bought jobbies with contempt.  I used a micro-fiber towel for the back and flannel for the front.

The dachshund was completely unimpressed.

Easy peasy!  

What’re you working on today?


  1. Those are great! Sadly, I haven’t been able to make anything since late ’16, had orthopedic surgery on my arm and recovery is long and painful and totally sucks 😉 My machines and fabric are giving me dirty looks on a daily basis for ignoring them. The bright prints you picked out are great, the blanket looks perfect, quilt police suck 😀. Long time reader, first time commenter

    • Well, first off let me say I hope your recovery is shorter than anticipated. Not being able to be creative totally sucks! Thanks for being a long time reader and for commenting. Come back soon! I’ll keep my fingers crossed your machines and fabrics don’t start conspiring against you because they’re feeling so neglected.

  2. Finished projects are good projects, and you did multiple. Plus you may just need those fleece throws when the cold front comes through…we always get a last cold blast before Easter.

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