What a (post-surgical) girl wants

So, I’m twelve days post-hysterectomy and having all kinds of fun. πŸ™„πŸ€’β˜ΉοΈ

My doctor told me I’d be hospitalized 48 hours.  I said 24.  Working in a hospital means I want to spend as little time there as a patient as humanly possible.  As luck would have it, my doc was easy to please and all it took to get me sprung was a little crop dusting of the hallways and *boom* I got to go home.  Yay me.

I prepared for surgery by cutting out a few small projects I could work on during my recovery. I certainly wasn’t going to waste any time by cleaning the house!  Haha, the joke’s on me because there’s been just enough energy to get from the bed to the recliner and back again.  Sigh.  I so miss Lenny the Featherweight.  

My mom, bless her, sprung me one day and we and our friend, Marilyn, made a trip to Simply Fabrics.  Hallelujah for a change of scenery!

I did get the yellow squares cut out for En Provence.  Isn’t this the most gorgeous fabric?!  And yes, I know it isn’t all yellow, but it just went so well with my other fabrics.  As a side note, I don’t recommend wielding a rotary cutter while on pain killers.  Not my smartest move and, yes, I still have all my digits.

Prior to surgery, I had horrible thoughts of dying and leaving my family behind.  Who’d be around to nag them?  And I made Himself promise and swear to find a woman who was good as gold to the kids.  Not to mention my fabric stash. Can you believe I made arrangements for its dispersal in the event? Yep, I did. Now I’m worried I’ll die of boredom and wind up on an episode of Hoarders.  Welcome to how my mind works.

I’ve done a little handwork.  It’s been ages since I’ve cross stitched.  When did manufacturers start making those charts so stinking small?!

The dachshund and I have become a dynamic duo of sorts.  She’s my mammalian hot water bottle and my midnight TV watching buddy.  

We have a routine, we two.  Daytime viewing is Matlock, Columbo, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  Nighttime is Murder, She Wrote and whatever happens to be on the Hallmark movie channel.  All of which are punctuated by those ‘as seen on TV’ commercials.  Not to mention the weight loss ads.  I’ve never been so sick of seeing Marie Osmond and Oprah in my life.  By all means, just eat a damn chip already!!  And then there’s the ‘miracle water’ some TV preacher is hawking.  He looks like a constipated car salesman.  This isn’t your calling, darling; go find something else to do.  I am, however, on the verge of buying the red copper square dance pan and miracle bamboo cushion.  I could sit on my bum while dinner burns to a crisp in my new non-stick pan.  Woohoo!  And don’t get me started on commercials narrated by folks with accents.  I’m all set to buy a lifetime supply of Tena pads just because of the British accent.  Yeah, I’m that easy.  Or drugged.  Sad.

All in all, it’s not been too bad.  Except for the exhaustion and the stomach virus I’ve been hosting for two days.  Yay. 🀒.  Fingers crossed I can actually sit at my machine again sometime soon.  

Happy quilting!


  1. Hell of a way to get time off work, sorry you had to through that. That pic of your dog is too cute. Can you imagine going through recuperation before the election? I would have shot the TV. The red copper pans are awesome though, my husband bought one! Cheaper at our local discount stores. I have made arrangements for my stash and I think most Quilter’s do. If the guys only knew what it is all worth! Get back to Lenny soon. (I have an Aunt Mabel and an Uncle Lowell featherweights.)

    • Four to six weeks of this and I might turn into a clock tower sniper. When does the energy come back? She is pretty cute isn’t she? That’s her ‘is that a snack?’ look. I thought being in a hospital bed on Inauguration Day was bad with the media goes bonkers. Don’t tell me that about those pans…I’m weakening! Hubby just laughed when I told him who to contact about the fabric, but I didn’t just want it all dumped somewhere. I’d have to haunt him!

    • Thanks Etty. I’ve thrown the doors open (we’re expecting a high of 80*) and have walked the backyard with the dachshund. Hopefully I’ll be turning a corner soon. Say hi to the ladies for me!

  2. What is Ziva going to do all day when you go back to work? Can she work the remote by herself? Seriously, I hope you get your energy back ASAP so you can have some fun time while you recuperate!

    • She’s gonna have to learn to hold it longer for sure. In and out, in and out…like a kid! The kids leave NPR on for her all day. I suspect she sleeps. I did cut out batting squares for rag quilts. I bought a rag quilt die for my Accuquilt studio that rags the block for you. Can’t wait to sew some up.

  3. omg, you had me literally laughing out loud!!! At least you haven’t lost your sense of humor πŸ˜‰ I hope you’re feeling much better very soon…and I love that little dachshund face ❀

  4. Good to have an update from you . . . you sense of humor always slays me. Hang in there and know I’m sending healing thoughts your way. Hugs, Allison

  5. Love reading your posts Stephanie, healing is slow process for sure. I remember having the same conversation with my hubby (20 yrs ago) while waiting to be wheeled into the operating room, find a good woman who will love our boys and knows how to clean bathrooms.
    Sending some get well vibes!
    Piece On, Ana

    • Thanks Ana. I gave myself a small kick in the pants this afternoon and cut some rag quilt squares on the Accuquilt. Felt good to accomplish something.

    • Me, too! I’ve got an attention starved dachshund that needs me to walk her and throw toys. Priorities, you know. πŸ˜‰. As for the cross stitch, I took a picture with my phone and blew it up and that seems to help. Happy quilting!

  6. Glad to hear you survived! Now if your household can survive the recovery…but seriously, once recovered, I thought the hysterectomy was one of my best decisions ever! Good luck πŸ€

  7. It’s certainly gorgeous fabric, I’m glad you got sprung for the day before going stir crazy at the walls!

  8. Cross-stitching…I never start a project withouthat a trip to the copy/enlarging machine!!!!!!

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