Fabric Rabbits 

I am this close to having all the units ready to piece into blocks for my En Provence quilt.  This.  Close.  So close I can almost see the completed top in my mind and yet I’m waging a battle against all these stinkin’ quarter square triangles.  They’re like rabbits, really, multiplying overnight while I sleep.  🐰 🐰 🐰 So many QSTs.  Over and over and over again.  

And the points didn’t match up, either.  Color me peeved.

I’m using Thangles that I’ve had around the sewing corner since the pilgrims floated over on the Mayflower and have used up almost the entire package.  Never mind the ten other packs in various sizes that’re hanging around like fabric groupies.

Pin paper to fabric; sew; pull the paper off.  Repeat.  Is this what plucking a chicken is like?  Pick, pick, pick…and the trash can fills with bits of paper.  At least there aren’t any necks to wring, amiright?

Naturally, I’d thought I’d cut plenty of strips to complete the necessary numbers of QSTs, but then I asked myself where’s the fun in getting it right the first time?  Because I’ve gone back to the cutting mat more times than I care to count.  It’s like swimsuit season for fabric.  Try, weep, repeat.
HSTs in search of a mate.  Cue the rotary cutter!

I’ve had help: coffee ☕️ and canine.  At least one of these doesn’t steal my seat.  

My comfy sewing chair. *sniffle*

I suppose I’m getting all discombobulated because next week I’m having surgery and I want stuff done?  Organized?  Clean?  I mean the house is clean; it’s not as if this is Plum Island or anything, but to heck with all that dusting and mopping crap, I just want the sewing corner tidied.  

Why do we women do this to ourselves?  It’s not as though someone will drop by, ask after my recovery and then say I can’t use your john because it doesn’t meet my standards.  

Ugh, where was I?

I’m just a girl trying to get stuff done, sooner rather than later.  Someday.


  1. I too seem to cut, cut, and cut more. Then I sew, and my count only comes to small double digit number like 27. So I cut cut cut some more on en Provence. You are sew close!

  2. Best of luck for your surgery – no wonder you are getting stressed! Hang in there, it’ll only get better, and hopefully your family will be fussing all around you, cooking meals, doing the laundry, mopping the floor. Or maybe just leaving you alone with a coffee, book and that cute dog.

    Best wishes from New Zealand.

  3. So is that pin cushion a tennis ball? I might finally have found a use for one since I’m sure as hell not gonna run around a court trying to hit one!

  4. Best of luck with the surgery! Is it your hands cause handsewing can be done anywhere!!!! Although rest is good too! But just think when you get back from it the fam needs to be nice pretend you have man flu that always means being waited one just ask my hubs.

    • Thanks, Janet; I’ll take all the luck I can get! Fortunately, it isn’t my hands. Maybe I can find a little bell I can ring, but that may be pushing it a bit. Happy quilting!

  5. LOL! I had surgery last fall and was running like a crazy person to “get stuff done” so I can relate to your problem.

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