Keep swimming 

First, a plethora of gratitude for those who offered up words of encouragement following this week’s profanity-laden meltdown.  Y’all are awesome and appreciated.  Thanks for sticking around.

Mama got the rest of her staples out yesterday (double knee replacement) and ‘celebrated’ by doing the laundry and ironing today.  Weirdo.  Oops, I mean…love ya, Ma!  😘   I did a verbal vomit all over her and got some sound advice about things.  Hey, it’s not as if the woman can move very fast yet.  There was no chance of escape.

I even found a bright spot in going to the DMV to renew my license.  In and out in…wait for it.  Guess?  Guess how long it took me?

Fourteen minutes!  Fist 👊🏻 bumps all around!!

Post-meltdown, I’ve tried to devote a little bit of time every day to getting something creative done.  Yesterday, it was writing Christmas cards.  I’m not a wordy person, blog wordiness notwithstanding.  But I tried for a bit of wit.  If you get a card and it’s something goofy sounding, just know it’s coming with the best of intentions.  Falalalala 🎶 😳

I’ve also been working on Clue 2 for Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence mystery quilt.  I like to think I’m leading from behind because trying to hurry and catch up only serves to freak me out.

I’ve opted for the paper-pieced version for this clue.  My perfectionism is stroked and soothed by the power that is the absolute guarantee of awesome that is achieved by this method.  Does that make sense?  Put another way: anal-retentives rejoice!  Everything matches; all points meet…can I getta hallelujah?!

The flip side is my perfectionism doesn’t at all appreciate ‘scrappy’.  Everything must match and scrappy does not match!!  Pretty soon I’m going to have to breathe into a paper bag.  Onward I trudge.

Today has been especially good weather for sewing…cold, windy, overcast.  Even Ziva the Diva appreciated her sweater today.

Although I have to say, I’m over the overcast already.  Where’d the sun go to anyway?

Inside, there’s a fire and a vintage sewing machine waiting to be fed.

I love my Featherweight.  He asks no questions, he tells no lies and he has zero expectations.



  1. Glad you’re getting some creativity done. It really does feed the soul! Glad your mother is progressing. My husband had both knees replaced this past year, but did one at a time, about 5 months apart. Let’s just say he owes me big time! I love my Featherweight, but am finishing up some presents that require decorative stitches. So my Bernina is keeping busy! Can’t wait to see your progress on B.H.’s Mystery. I’m following, but other projects are demanding my time. Happy Stitching!

    • Mom is a physical therapy assistant so she knew what she was in for; said she didn’t think she’d go back for the second if she did them one at a time. 2017 is the year I finish stuff. I have quite a list as it is. Thanks for the cheers, happy stitching and Merry Christmas!🎄

  2. Can’t wait to see your BH Mystery blocks. I just finished Clue 3 tonight. Sure wish I had paper pieced Clue 2, but no I thought use the rulers. Never again. Hope you get to create some every day. Always makes me feel better 🙂

    • I finally finished Clue 2 yesterday and managed to get #3 cut out. I know what you mean about those rulers. I own them but have never used them. Happy quilting!

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