Chasing the Sun: Revealed

I’d just as easily be able to title this post ‘Holy crap, I’m done; Isn’t it Fabulous; Pass the Liquor!’ because one title can’t possibly cover all the emotions I experienced and am currently experiencing over this finished quilt top.

Today’s Clue #7 was It: the finale, the hoop-de-doo, the tada and I was determined to see it done by the time my head hit the pillow.  Now I’m too wound up to sleep!

If this is your first visit to the blog (um, where ya been?), I’ll give you a rundown of where it all started.

It started with a call for quilters to participate in a mystery quiltalong by a lady I am blessed to call my friend.  You’ll see her in a later picture.  Hold yer horses.  

Where was I?  Oh, yes, my friend, Deb’s, quiltalong.  

Our mission: find an inspiring sunset photo and pull all the luscious reds, oranges, yellows, etc. from said photo to be used in the mystery.

It was That Word that did it: mystery.

Ugh.  Me no likee ‘mystery’.  Know what happens when there’s mystery?

Bad decisions, bitter heartache and exes you’d rather run over with a Mack truck than lay eyes on ever again.

Sounds like my sophomore year of high school.

But then this happened.  And yes, I’m well aware it isn’t a sunset.

Andy and his Instagram account.  Look at those colors.  Sigh.  How could I not want to put that into fabric form?

I couldn’t.  And so, it was off to the LQS for fabrics because, obviously, I had nothing suitable in my stash.

I added my name and, boom, it was on.

Let me say now, the clues were simple and easy to follow and if it weren’t for work and dachshunds needing constant coddling, I could’ve had each one done in a day.  But, you know…dachshunds.

The arrival of the first clue was all about cutting.

And all the extra fabric hung on the coat rack in the entryway.  Isn’t that what it’s for?

As each clue progressed, the excitement built. Except for those flippin’ Unit As.  I still loathe them.

Yes, I labeled everything with a post-it note.  You say anal retentive like it’s a bad thing.

These units were just too weird.  And that purple.  Like a turd in a punch bowl.

On and on it went…block after block, seam after seam…to the point I started to feel like I was part of a Salt ‘n Pepa song.  Here I go, here I go, here I go again!  🎤

What is up with that purple?!

That, my darlings, was a screwup.  Whew, but this next shot looks way better.

Thursday arrived and Mom and I hopped in the mommobile and headed for retreat.  Yay, no dachshunds to coddle and I can pee alone!!

I finished up Clue #6 and waited patiently for the next.  Hahahahaha!  No, not patiently, but I was gifted a sneak peek of Deb’s finished CTS quilt.  Gorgeous!

I was caught up and waiting for Clue #7…but not for long!!

Throughout the day, I worked and toiled, like a fabric industry hooker.

Sew, sew, sew!  Do.  Not.  Slow.  Down!

Until, omg!, one last seam!!

And, boomshakalaka!, it’s done!!

That’s me in the pink tshirt, grinning like a loon, next to quilt designer and friend, Deb.  She’s a heckuva lady!

I have NEVER…never, ever, ever liked a quilt I’ve made.  I’ve come close a time or two (like contemplating committing a homicide).  This one I love.  And it’s mine.  All mine.

Thank you to Deb for the time it took to design this and for sharing it, free of charge, to all of us.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.  And thank you for being such a sweet friend and awesome cheerleader.  One more seam!!

Thank you to Andy for letting the pushy American talk you into letting her use and post your photo.  I want to take pictures half as good as yours when I grow up.

I’ve consumed my celebratory liquor, gotten comfy and am ready to head back to the sewing room for more fabric fun.

Until next time.


  1. Oh Stephanie! This is a GORGEOUS quilt!!! I totally see the sunset in it!! Love your smile and just bask in this Sunset quilt!!!! Congrats!!

  2. I’m so glad I was there to witness the finish! Good to meet you, retreat with you, and enjoy your wonderful wit. Well done Stephanie, well done!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas

  3. I have been wondering for a few weeks and really, I can’t be certain: Are the Block As nine patches? And if so, What?

    In the end, it’s well worth the hankering and ranting and pouting and dachshund coddling. And while the idea of a turd in the punchbowl is vivid, I rather like the purple. (You are a bad influence, you know. I never say turd–I teach children and they do not need any more four-letter words in their arsenal.) Anyhoo, back to you….love the quilt. The colors are perfect and I’m so happy for you–you were kinda close to losing it for a little while. I got kinda scared for you and the poor quilt. But it’s a happy ending for ya and a beautiful ending for the quilt. And the friend who would dream up Block As (surely she knows better now, right?) is one talented designer.

    • Block As aren’t nine patches, no. As for the block name? Children’s Delight.

      And it’s been totally worth it, purple turd square and all. I like the placement of the purple, just not where I’d placed it to begin with; I think it’s very striking. Mine was the only one in these colors making it the only sunrise in a sea of sunsets. I love the group photo of us, but in person was the best way to see them all. And I have fabric picked out to do it all again…whohoo!

      Thanks for the compliments! I’ll be sure to pass it on to Deb as well. 😊

  4. Oh WOW what an incredible quilt – and a labour of love to get there! It is absolutely gorgeous and totally justifies a drink or two in celebration!

  5. Um, yes, that is a keeper quilt! It’s a wonderful feeling when you make a quilt and know … this is me, and I’m keeping it! It’s so pretty – I’d love if you link to my Finished or Not Friday Linky Party at Busy Hands Quilts each week!

  6. Beautiful, Beautiful quilt!! Now, to get it quilted! How will you quilt it! And I look forward to seeing this quilt in the newly selected colors. Blessings, Gretchen

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