Blogging, Quilting and Griping (and possibly cursing)

Do you know what happens when you go almost an entire month without blogging?  I do.  But you knew that right, that I already had the answer because, naturally, if I’m going to pooch screw something I’ll immediately get on here and tell y’all all about it.  Because why writhe about in angst and shame alone, amiright?!

For the love of Pete, all I wanted was to update about my progress on the mystery quiltalong.  Hey, I’m ahead this time!  And then, boom, there’s the payback for my chutzpah. 💥. The entire post was written and all I had to do was hit publish, but no, I had to go back and correct that grammatical error and poof, the entire thing swirled the bowl and was gone with a resounding flush. 🚽

So, here I am trying for Blog Post: The Redo.  Wish me luck.

Tomorrow is the day for another clue reveal in the Chasing the Sun mystery quiltalong of which I am taking part.  You can find the page on Facebook and join in…it isn’t too late!

This past clue is the only one I’ve managed to finish ahead of time, never mind that they’ve all been bite-sized and really manageable.  With me, there’s just no telling what’s going to happen.  Kind of like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, only without Gump.  Or the chocolates.  Sigh.

At any rate, I’ve stitched up a heap and wound up with some bits, pieces, strips and even some blocks.  Some of the bits I can’t explain, like four strips of one inch blocks…🤔

And four of these purple thangs…🤔🤔

And one itty bitty square in a square…🤔🤔🤔

Best not to think on these things too long.  I need all the brain cells I can muster.

The first block to be completed was the Children’s Delight.  I’m still questioning the wisdom of the deep purple, but the instructions called for black, so…dark purple, black…same difference.

Golly, I love the orange Grunge…so much, in fact, that I went back and bought the rest of the bolt.  Hey, it was lonely in that shop!

Each of the clues has involved what the designer called ‘Unit A’.  After dealing with sixty of them over the course of virtually every single clue, I have renamed the little turds.  No, that’s not it.  I could tell you, but the sound of my mother’s voice enunciating not only my first name, but my middle name as well in That Tone that all mothers use, is the only thing stopping me.  Little bastards.  No, that’s not it either.

Don’t ask me what my problem with them is because I can’t tell you.  It’s like the adage about trying to define porn: ‘I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it’.  I hate Unit A almost as much as Brussels sprouts and every sport except hockey (go Red Wings!)

In the end, what I’ve got (so far) are 4 Children’s Delight blocks, 16 Courthouse Steps and 60 eff…, I mean Log Cabin blocks.

There’s still a truckload of fabric left to be cut. Better hope no one comes to visit because there’s no where to hang a coat.

While I bide my time until tomorrow’s reveal, I’ve pulled out Double Delight by Bonnie Hunter again and am in the process of piecing 130 3 1/2″ nine patches.  Yes, that’s 1-3-0.

At least they aren’t Unit As.


  1. Stephanie, you are hilarious. I love your/Andy’s photo, can’t wait to see this quilt completed.

    • Thank you, Beth. You have very good taste 😉. Aren’t his photos spectacular? ❤️ them! I don’t know how many clues this thing has, but if I’m judging based on how much fabric is left over, I’ve a ways to go. 😬. Happy weekend to you!

  2. I can not tell you how many times that I have done the very same thing with my posts whether on my blog, or on Facebook. I am not good at writing in the first place. I love your blocks, they are beautiful. I strongly dislike WordPress, and I really like your Blog, and your posts, so I am forcing myself to comment..

    • It didn’t help that my better half was trying to talk to me while I wrote the original post. I got fed up with Blogger several years ago and bid it adieu. WordPress could be better, but it’s free and who am I to argue with free? Thanks for commenting, Renee. I’ve been catching your FB posts…such gorgeous work! Have a great weekend!

  3. Stephanie, I’d forgotten what the hoopla was about, so I went back to the last post and reread it. You know, you loved the colors and the blocks and the designer….actually, not the purple. No, the purple brought on nausea last month, or something did. So at this point in time, I am wont to believe that you’ve fallen out of love with the quilt. Sad, really, because I’m still loving it and something about this quilt should be about someone else…I’ve chosen me. It was difficult considering that you are lol funny and use “language,” but I’ve learned a few things. All of that boils down to–please continue with the quilt. And the purple. Yes, keep the purple. Despite the fact that you have no idea who I am, let’s pretend you’re keeping it for me. 🙂

    • Hahahaha, Mary, you’re a hoot! Oh, I’m definitely continuing on with the quilt and am trying not to think about the purple. Clue 7 came out Friday and I haven’t been able to get to it yet. But there’s a retreat in the near future so maybe…
      Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting!

  4. Those colors are really beautiful just hanging together. Clearly you are nuts to have two such projects going at once 😬 And when I’m nuts, I blame the kid(s). Because I was perfectly sane before parenthood–weren’t you?

    • I just love looking at them hanging there in all their yummy deliciousness! While I’ve never claimed sanity as one of my redeeming qualities, I’ve decided that’s kind of boring and embrace the weird. I have doubts of ever doing another Bonnie Hunter, but won’t say ‘never’. Happy quilting!

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