Getting a Clue: Labor Day weekend 

Unfortunately for me, I have to work on Monday, so in an effort to get as much done on the Chasing the Sun mystery, I’m really putting the cutter to the fabric and the pedal to the metal.

I got up this morning and discovered Clue #2 already posted.  Fortunately, the sub-cutting went very quickly and I’ve been a stitching and pressing fool for the remainder of the morning.

Unit D went together lickety split.

I’m really loving the orange Grunge. 🍊

Now, I’ve moved on to adding strips to last week’s Unit A and am sewing al fresco.  Is it really cool enough to be out here?  Negative, Ghost Rider.  But the hummingbirds are keeping me company and I’m out of earshot of whatever annoying Disney Channel drivel The Diva is watching.  We both win!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Your mention of hummingbirds reminded me of one of my favorite Texas memories–driving into the parking lot at the original Saltlick outside Austin with Willie singing on the radio and hummingbirds swarming the flowering vines that screened the covered outdoor area. Sigh…

    • I’ve heard Saltlick BBQ is to die for! The hummingbirds are out this morning, but so are the mosquitos. 😕. Guess I’ll be enjoying the view from my dining room window. I just don’t feel like being fodder for those winged devils!

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