Chasing the Sun

After much preparation (read as: angst over choosing a photo and fabric) and anticipation (equal parts dread, excitement, and nervousness…I never said I was normal), the day finally arrived for the start of my friend, Deb Singer-Hayter’s, mystery quilt along.  Find her blog here.  And you can find the Facebook group at Chasing the Sun Quilt Mystery.  Why keep the fun to myself, eh?

I did all the responsible adult crapola Friday afternoon so there’d be no distractions come Saturday morning.  Clean floors, clean toilet, clean underpants.  Check, check, and check.  

No distractions, with the glaring exception of the dachshund, of course.  I’m pretty sure she’s plotting a revenge poo for being ignored this weekend.  Don’t let the face fool you.

I started out with ten yards of luscious fabrics, colors I pulled from an equally fabulous photo by Andy at @andymapp on Instagram.  I hope I take pictures half as good as his when I grow up.

Over the next hour or so, I stripped like a pro.  No bills in my g-string, though.  Just one tired fanny.  And the fabric yardage became this…

Then became subcut pieces…

That eventually, twelve hours later, became ‘units’.

There are three units in Clue #1.  Am I done?  Nope.  Although, I do have units A and B finished; unit C is almost there.  I’m seriously considering skipping meet the teacher night tomorrow just to get them done. 😬

Here’s a look at Unit A.

Unit As here under the watchful gaze of one very spoiled dachshund.

And Unit Bs on their way to completion.

This morning, the mojo had fled and I am one pooped mutha.  I figure I have until next Saturday when the next clue arrives, to get this one done.

Then again, with all the canine ‘help’ I’m getting, I never know when I’ll get finished.

Yes, that’s a dachshund on my dining table.  Don’t judge.

Until next time…



  1. First visit to your blog, and you have me in stitches (accidental pun). The mystery quilt looks like it will be fun! Can’t wait to see your progress.

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