Still at it *sob*

The hand quilting of Mary Ellen’s sunflowers continues.  

That sentence could pretty much be the blog post in its entirety, but I have this love affair with the English language so I’ll carry on for a bit.

Since the February retreat, I’ve accomplished very little on the quilting front.  It seems the quilt just doesn’t want to be quilted at home.  It needs my retreat buds as much as I do.  For an introvert, that’s a little weird, but there you go.

There are nineteen blocks, plus an abundance of sashing and nine patches.  I have finished the quilting on exactly one block.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s a picture of my start.  

This isn’t a process I can rush because my stitches wind up looking like a drunken sailor made them.  Not pretty.  Watching TV while quilting is out because I get distracted.  In a moment of weakness I thought I’d watch some Outlander and manage to keep on task.  *Graham McTavish, slobber, stitch, slobber.* What a truly stupid idea. 🙄
Pandora and some earbuds seem to be my best bet.  Classical for smooth stitches; ZZ Top for when I want to look back and wonder where I went wrong.  In the words of my grandmother: they’ll never notice it on a galloping horse.  Alrighty then.

Anyway, some progress has been made.  

From the first outlines of the petals, flower center, and three concentric rings…

To the beginnings of a crosshatch design…

To a completely crosshatched block.

Tomorrow I’m having a quilt-in with my Mama and a friend so maybe I’ll get more done.  My needles are loaded and ready to go and I’ve even made the first stitch.

Here I go.  Again.


  1. Wow! That finished block is gorgeous and your stitches are so tiny! I cannot get mine that tiny nor that even! Guess I do “big stitch” quilting. Don’t you just love looking at that finished block? Keep on quilting!

    • Thanks Vinette! I guess my stitch length really depends on my fatigue level. Some of ’em are real stinkers. I like the look of big stitch quilting…I’ll have to try it someday. I really like how the block has turned out.

    • Thanks Bobbi! The masking tape was a quick, cheap way to mark the top. Plus it’s reusable. I debated about using ‘washable’ marking pens, but…what if it doesn’t come out?! 😳

  2. Wow!!! This is beautiful……..Oh!! Thank You for talking about “OUTLANDER”……Whaooooo another fan!!!!!Don’t know if I’ll be able to sew next week after the finale!!!!….But knowing it’s coming back helps…lol

    • Thank you! We don’t have Starz, so I’m behind. I bought the second half of season one on dvd which I intended to watch last night, only to find out the DVD player died. I am sad. I need a Graham McTavish fix! 😪

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