Tea Towels

I’ve been on a kick lately to breathe a little spunkiness into my kitchen; something more in keeping with my real personality as opposed to the June Cleaver I’d envisioned when Himself and I got married.  Like painting my laundry room aqua and bright yellow was theoretically supposed to make the whole laundry cycle somehow more palatable, I’m operating under the assumption that funky plates and bright pretty Pyrex will turn me into Betty Freakin’ Crocker.  Haha.

Anyhoo, I’ve jettisoned the fruit/veggie medley Pyrex (casseroles, dishes, coffee cups…the whole nine yards, much to the dismay of Himself) in favor of primary colors and retro dinner dishes.  My heart is still doing its happy chacha.  I’ve been hot on the trail of vintage linens, but no dice, and so decided to make my own version of what I think of as kitsch.

I started out with plain white flour sack towels, the kind my Nana bought one summer and used to teach me embroidery.  A pack of five cost me less than $5.  Already the wallet was singing.  It quit when I got to the trims section.  Geesh, but trims are expensive!  I’ll sure miss that kidney I hocked to pay for them.

Because the sides were by no means even, I folded them in half and then half again, trying my best to make them as even as possible.  Apparently wherever these things came from, the staff only sewed them after consuming a bathtubful of margaritas.

I whacked off the offending seams with my handy dandy rotary cutter…

and resewed an actual straight seam.

Then I took my pretty trims and sewed a different one to each of the towels.

According to The Diva, my love of these little babies, combined with the Pyrex, is turning me into a total girly girl.  It may also be the squeals of delight I emitted with each finish.  Whatever.  Mama’s happy.  And we know that makes everyone else happy, too.

Not sure if this is happy or delirious.  You be the judge.


  1. My favorite picture was the one of the “actual straight seam”. Ha! Ha! Love it! What a great idea you had! And the trims you picked are way cute too. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this kitchen makeover. 🙂

    • Thanks Janice! I’m afraid a full makeover will require Himself to go out of town for a long weekend. I really want to paint my cabinets, but he’d have a fit!

  2. “the staff only sewed them after consuming a bathtubful of margaritas” – LOL! This made me laugh way too much! 😀 And I love what you made – super cute!

  3. Those are some handy-dandy white cloths. I don’t know what they’re called, but I used those to make some bibs for my mom a few years ago. She had Alzheimers and spilled and dropped food and other stuff on her clothing. Anyway, those cloths were the perfect answer–they’re absorbent and scrubby and go right in the bleach wash. We loved them, but I do wish I’d decorated them as pretty as you have. You know how to do kitschy!

    • Why, thank you, Miss Mary! We use a ton of kitchen towels because, well, we’re slobs. 😬. Regular towels just aren’t as absorbent to me, but these could soak up a ton. I like bar towels, too, but I’m not putting trims on those.

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