Two Days Off

Feel the excitement in that statement?  Whohoo!!

So, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m still hand quilting Mary Ellen’s Sunflowers.  My last post asked for suggestions about additional quilting because the block looked nekkid as a jaybird. 

See, nekkid.

What I got in advice was either add more circles, add crosshatching or add a circle/crosshatch combo.  I cannot go back and sew more circles.  I canna do it, Captain!  So crosshatching it is.

I didn’t want to use pencil or ‘washable’ marking pen to draw my lines, so I rednecked it and used masking tape.

Here’s my start.

This process is teaching me patience, otherwise I’d be chewing through the restraints at even the suggestion of more quilting.  It’ll get done.  Someday.  Somehow.

More pictures as I progress and when the Xanax kicks in.


  1. I’m surprised you have any fingernails left! And you have more stamina than I have!!

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