Up All Night?

Not quite, but I haven’t stayed up until the midnight hour in ages (not even for my birthday and that’s New Year’s Day) so the fact that I am indeed still awake and somewhat functional is a testament to my determination to get stuff done…and the fact that I’m a four alarm idiot. Midnight, I haven’t missed you.


I’ve gotten quite a bit done.  This retreat I decided to bring projects that have been in progress since Noah floated his ark.  Two by two?  More like four by four.

So far, I’ve finished two receiving blankets.  These were the only two new projects I brought.  Then again, it’s late and I may be forgetting what else I packed.

Let me just state for the record that Minkee, while soft and cuddly, makes me want to disembowel someone with a grapefruit spoon after I’m done sewing it up.  Wretched, horrid, nasty stuff.  Never again.   


I finished two strip quilt tops. 



And two rag quilts.  


Did I mention there are two days of retreat left?

For now, the bed is calling me.  ‘Night all!


  1. Wow, Sister! You are on one heck of a roll!!! Love your work and I know you must be dancing to be finishing all these projects! Wonder what it feels like to finish, gosh, can’t remember!!!! Lucky you and keep up the great work!!!

    • Don’t jinx me! The only finishes I usually have are meals, so this is pretty nice. I’ll have plenty to quilt when I get home, that’s for sure. 👏🏻

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