It’s the Final Countdown 

Nothing like a little 80s hair band reference to spur me on.


Next week, The CoDefendants will gleefully welcome Spring Break while, moi, Quiltnmama, having higher aspirations that involve having someone else cook and clean up (not to mention being able to pee uninterrupted) will be hot-footing it to quilt retreat. Can you hear the chorus of ‘Hallelujahs’ here?

Now, what to pack?  I figure if I’ve got the necessities covered like deodorant, a toothbrush, and clean undies (you know, in case I get in a car wreck 🙄), I’m good as gold.

What projects to bring is another matter.  Take too much, and I’ll be loading and unloading the Mommobile until menopause.  Take too little and I run the risk of finishing everything.

Hahahaha, finishing everything!

I have a better chance of landing a spot with the Rockettes.

So, with today being a beauty, I threw open the windows to, in the words of my Mama, blow the stink off.  This is the same woman who advocates always wearing good underpants “in case you get in a car wreck”.  I know, the logic escapes me, too.  Never mind the fact that I’m married and no one cares about my underpants but Himself (and apparently my mother), but were I ever to get in a car wreck, you can bet dollars to donuts all the hot EMTs and firemen would be on vacation.  Yes, I’m shallow.  But if I have to be in a car wreck, dammit, I want hot men to rescue me!

Where was I?  Oh, yes…a beauty of a day.



I have many projects in various states of completion.  Do I want to piece or do I want to quilt at retreat?  Decisions, decisions.

I decided to start another project.  Three cheers for procrastination!

I was asked to make a Texas flag quilt for a friend’s mother, so I doodled out the design. Yes, I’m a native Texan and yes, I know what our state flag looks like.  And, yes, much to the disgust of The Diva, who can do disgust with the aplomb of an Oscar-winning actress, I drew it out on a paper napkin.


I shopped my stash for the fabrics.  Yes, I know it’s as much a  surprise to me as it is to you, but really, darlings, those choking noises and looks of utter shock are uncalled for.  Stop it.


My friend specifically asked for a rag quilt for which I am eternally grateful as they go together quickly with minimal fuss.  Corners don’t match up perfectly?  No problem!  It’ll all be covered up by the clipped edges.  Yahoo!

I managed to uncover some Quilts Across Texas fabric from, gulp, 2012 to use in the backing.


All that’s left is to cut the batting.  My arm feels like it’s about to fall off and I haven’t decided on retreat projects, but, by golly, I’ve got another project on the table!

Come the night before retreat, I’ll be pitching anything and everything into the back of the Mommobile.  It’s a ritual if you will.  Like shaving my Sasquatch legs once warm weather makes its welcomed appearance.  Whattaya gonna do?





  1. Hey Stephanie! You are a lucky duck and I am jealous!!! Your retreat sounds awesome and of course, well-deserved! The rag quilt will be gorgeous and you will surely have an excellent time!! Enjoy!!

  2. Your posts, blog and Facebook, never cease to make me smile. I can’t wait to see the rag quilt finished. I currently have more projects on the table than space to list them, but Spring Break IS coming. Or so I’ve been told.

  3. Happy spring and have a great retreat. I don’t remember anything else I read. Sorry. I got so caught up in reading (and laughing and laughing and laughing) that I almost forgot to leave a note and say thank you. My momma would be mortified, so “Thank You!”

  4. Late in reading this, cause…just stuff…. Thanks for the chuckles. Wish I was going to retreat with you, but guess I have to wait until MD weekend. Have fun!

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