The Force is with Me

I love lists.  Writing them.  Checking items off of them.  The exhilarating thrill of blue ink on paper…be still my heart.  (Nothing beats pen and paper.)  What’s not to love?

There’s just that niggling little issue of sticking to the list. I have a better chance of waking up tomorrow a size two than I do of ever sticking to a list.  There’s something about the teeming mass of humanity on any given Sunday afternoon in Walmart that makes you forget your commitment to The List.  Heck, some people even forget to change out of their pajamas.  I’m still scarred from the woman whose buttocks resembled frolicking puppies in her pajama bottoms.  Someone hold me.  *sob*

But today…today I celebrate my deviation from the list and am (almost, but not quite) delirious over my fabric score.  

The only way I could be happier is if I’d found Tom Selleck in the produce section.

There’s already a turf war raging over who will get the quilt.  Silly family.  I will join the seams of the quilt blocks and together we will rule the recliner!!



    • Thanks for the quilt compliment. As for the score: I know right?! I found some really sweet fabric with scripture on it and was going off to get it cut and bah-bam! there it was. The black and white is flannel. My eagle eye spotted the blue at the cutting table. Excited!

  1. I’ve just “followed” again. I wondered where you’d gone! I haven’t “unfollowed” anyone so why does this keep happening? Anyway, it looks like I’ve got a lot of your posts to catch up on so here goes. Puppies in pyjamas indeed LOL.

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