Steady Betty: A Review

Last week, the death knell sounded for yet another quilt shop in my area.  I’m all in favor of being able to retire and ride off into the sunset to do whatever may strike your fancy, but dammit!, not if you’re in the quilting business!  Don’t these folks know they’re supposed to be carried out on a stretcher?  There’s no quitting in quilting!

Okay, whine over and happy retirement to Linda.  Don’t leave us!  *sob and sniffle*

Being that it’s my civic duty to stimulate the local economy and liberate fabric from its bolty bondage in the process, (not to mention that I got something loosely resembling carte blanche to make the credit card squeal a smidge from Himself) I stopped in last weekend and made a haul.  

Okay, okay…I stopped in today, too.  Ahem.
Last weekend, I just eyeballed the Steady Betty.  Today, she came home with me.

I’ve heard of the Steady Betty before and wondered what in the world?  Basically, it’s a pricy piece of rigid material (board, foam core, who knows?) covered with a thin foamy layer.  The company is Texas-based for anyone interested because we all know awesome exists and its natural habitat is Texas.  The original price was $38 for a 12×12 board.  Yes, I know it’s tacky and rude and some French word translating to tacky and rude to openly discuss money matters, but you are aware of which blog you’re reading, am I right?

So, back to the Steady Betty.  You lay your block on it and press your pieces without fear that the little toots will scoot across the surface like a dog dragging its behind on your carpet.  You’re welcome for the visual.

Full disclosure: I don’t press; I iron.  Yes, I know it’s wrong, but there you have it.  If it bothers you that much, there’s a pill you can pop to lessen the anguish.  I myself take it, but I’m not sharing.

I like to think of myself as a fairly good ironer, ironist, whatever.  And quilting is the only time I hold an iron in my grub-grabber.  And like most things in life that I tend to wing, I’m probably not doing them as well as I think.  But, it’s all in the attitude, right?!

Below are two photos of my ironed (take that, quilt police!) blocks.  

The first one looks okay, but it could be flatter.  Think Mary-Kate and Ashley.  

This next one is my Nat Geo-prizewinning side shot.  Who lets me near an iron unsupervised?  Ugh, wretched.

Now, check out the same block after I employed the Steady Betty.  You may not be able to tell the difference from here.  If not, you probably think Carrot Top and Tom Selleck are interchangeable.  


Side view!  Now that is flat.  Think Kate Moss. 

I was assured by the shop staff that I’d loooove me some Steady Betty.  I wasn’t sure if this was uttered in an effort to move merchandise or in complete sincerity.  Ladies in my various Facebook groups all threw in their opinions ranging from a Meg Ryan worthy  yes-yes-yes! to a make your own to a flat-out not worth your money.  Having used it, now I have no doubt.  Holy smokes!

There are some wonderful creations out there…

Grains from whence comes bread…and beer.  


Tom Selleck. 

Husbands who put down the toilet seat.  

And now the Steady Betty.

Two thumbs up!




  1. Oh I must say when I read the Steady Betty I had images of a slightly inebriated aunt at a family gathering ahhahah Mmm this looks like an interesting product, thank you for an honest review, sure does look flatter πŸ™‚

    • Well, when you think of it in those terms it’s 24 bottles of Belhaven Scottish ale. It’s okay though, I’ll just pluck a few bills off the money tree in the backyard. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh Steph, you are awesomeness! I love your way with words and read your blog before any others. Thanks for starting my morning off with smile and a laugh.

  3. Whether you “press” or “iron” you’re light years ahead of the ones that don’t do either! lol I had actually never heard of this product, but then I’m not really in any guilds anymore, so I don’t get much “product gossip”. Thanks for sharing, I might have to check this product out myself.

    • Thanks, Debbie. And thanks for following me on bloglovin. I’m really enjoying Steady Betty. Definitely worth the price. I’ve heard tell they can be purchased at Joann’s Fabrics so if you’ve got a coupon, you’ve really got a deal.

  4. I’ve never heard of this before – it looks awesome! I iron too and my blocks never come out very flat. I just might have to give one of these a try πŸ™‚

    • When I started quilting, I read that there are rules to follow. I have ignored them. I have zero regard for the ‘scant’ 1/4″ and especially the pressing vs ironing. Quilting the layers covers all sins. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  5. I can always count on a good chuckle out of your blog posts. Wonderful review, I may even purchase one of these if I locate it sometime.

    The world would be a much happier place if the wretched Quilt Police had your sense of humor!

    Joyfully signed,
    An ironer not a presser

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