It’s still fall, y’all!

Personally speaking, there’s never a wrong time for autumnal pictures.  It could be a scorcher of a Texas summer day, but throw in those gorgeous golds and russets and this gal’s a goner.  Granted, we live in a part of the country that goes from kinda, sorta, halfway green to funereal bleakness at the drop of a hat, but if you catch them at just the right moment…boom!

The leaning tower of ornamental pear is, by far, the most colorful tree in the backyard.   

I love to stand directly under a tree and look up.   

During the summer months when Himself makes every effort to turn me into a popsicle with the A/C, I’ll pull the swing under the tree, curl up with a book and generally fall asleep.
Pretty plum colored leaves.  

The crape myrtle tree’s usually the last one to make a show, but it’s worth the wait.  I love the yellows.  

And the oak, the tree I’ve babied since we moved in, is 50/50 on the color meter.  ‘Will I play nice and show off this year or will I be a stingy Peter?’  It’s anyone’s guess.  

So far this season, he isn’t very nice.  

With winter right around the corner, I’ve got to soak up all the gorgeous color I can.


  1. Love the autumn colors. I live in Spain and here we don´t see the leaves turning from yellow to orange and red before they fall off the trees. The palms and pine trees stay always green. Thanks for sharing

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