Manly Quilting

After my last rant about the dearth of manly-man fabrics in the quilting universe, I made this comfort quilt.  It couldn’t be more manly unless it grew a beard, left the toilet seat up and randomly scratched itself.  

I forced His Awesomeness to pose as my model. He’s sixteen. You can imagine the level of whining I had to endure.  

All he kept saying was “I hope no one I know sees me”.  As if me putting it in a blog post isn’t bad enough.  🙄 

The fabrics are homespuns with a backing of gray tone on tone flannel I scored on sale and with a 50% off coupon at Joann’s.  I must be living right. Or channeling my Nana.  

I spent Friday afternoon cutting the squares and the evening piecing the top.  Himself was engrossed in that Chuck Norris classic, Lone Wolf McQuade, so you know there wasn’t a dang thing to watch.  I sewed like mad just to drown out the cheesy music to say nothing of the quality of the acting.  

Saturday I clipped until I thought my hands would fall off (aren’t there quilt minions for this horrid part of the process?) and ran it through the washer/dryer.  The homespuns raveled really well.

I’m pretty sure this is the quickest quilt I’ve ever made.  

I didn’t use batting or flannel in between, because this is Texas, not the Arctic, although if you like a little extra weight (in your quilt, not your thighs) a middle layer is perfect. 

I like that it’s wrinkly and rumpled…kind of like an old man’s hiney.  Only cleaner.  And prettier to look at.

Manly quilt.  Mission accomplished.


  1. Very manly indeed, and cosy and snuggly to boot, like borrowing an oversized sweater when it’s really chilly!

  2. Tell your model the top and back of his head are very handsome 😉 No, don’t do that, tell him no one noticed him because your quilt is so fabulous!! 😉 Your quilt is fabulous BTW!

    I have just spent the last hour. . . ok maybe two reading your blog! LOVE your sense of humor and honesty. Put you on my Bloglovin’ reader so I don’t miss any of your antics 😉

    • I’ll pass along your compliments as I already told him previous ones and he practically died of embarrassment. That’s okay, though. As my Dad would say, “It builds character”.
      Many thanks for the quilt compliments and for following the blog. I try to see the humor in all things, sometimes easier said than done, but it beats the heck out of crying about it. I hope you’ll find more posts worth reading! It’s not like life won’t give me plenty of fodder.

    • Not that I make a habit of scoping out old man hiney, but, you know, I imagine. ‘Squishy pug face’ just didn’t seem apropos. And thank you. Your comments made my day. Or night. It’s late 😉

  3. OH i love it and I can totally relate with the complaining about helping. This quilt is wonderful and looks cozily inviting!

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