Fiddlin’ Around with Precuts

If you have a passing acquaintance with social media, you may find yourself joining up with likeminded individuals on a plethora of quilting/sewing sites.  I myself belong to quite a few. Some I love while some I question why the hell I’m still a member.  I’m betting it’s some sort of latent S/M tendencies.

People get catty over the weirdest crap, y’all, and go at it like a school of piranhas.  I have to confess to kind of enjoying watching it unfold. I’m human, sue me.

So, the latest brouhaha was over precuts.  

Are precut users lazy…time-saving savvy…incapable of making good color combinations…closet puppy kickers?  It was a matter of great debate. 

Get real, people.  

While they’re all over yonder having the equivalent of a fabric pissing contest, the rest of us go on our merry way and sew like the foot pedal’s aflame and we can’t get finished fast enough. 

Is it really quilting if you use precuts?

Seriously, this is a question you ask with a straight face?

Are ya, um, sandwiching the layers and stitching ’em together, binding is all up and calling it a day?  (By now, I’ve rolled my eyeballs so hard I had to hang on to ’em for fear they’d fall outta their sockets.)  Then yes, it’s really quilting.

Not all of us can match fabrics well enough to form a cohesive unit that we all call a quilt.  We’re challenged.  And lucky enough to step out of the house in the morning without looking like Bozo the clown.

So if the thought of precuts makes your head spin ’round and you vomit pea soup like in The Exorcist, you need to stop reading now.

Right now.

I bought this pack at my LQS, their own version of a jelly roll (and a heckuva lot cheaper, may I add).  

I will admit to being something of a jelly roll race addict because of how quickly the pattern works up. That’s not what I have in mind here, but thought I’d throw it out there just for general consumption.

I’ll also admit to having roughly 7 billion quilt patterns with zero intentions of making any of them.  Ev-er.  

Hats off to you folks that spend years making one quilt.  I am in awe.  I’m also wondering about the name of your prescription med and your alcohol consumption.  I just can’t even fathom…

I want something simple.  I like the hum of Lennie the Featherweight.  I thrill to the steady feed of fabric under the pressor foot.  I am giddy over a finish within thirty days.  Call me a philistine if you must, but I’m quite happy to be a sew simple quilter and a precut aficionado.

 Yummy batiks!   

What’s not to love about a precut?  It’s  pre cut! That’s half the battle already done for you.  Love. Just love.

There’s only about half a million sections left to cut and when it’s done, will it win prizes?  Probably not. Actually, no, because I don’t do shows.  Will it be snuggly and warm and used?  Yep.  And that’s the point.  

So for you sparring sisters of the cloth, get off your soapbox and sew.



  1. “Is it really quilting if you use precuts?” Is this seriously a thing?? The quilt police now want to charge you for using precuts?? I don’t for a variety of reasons peculiar to me. But I’ll defend your right to use them all day long! Righteous rant. UGH

    • Some of the stuff fellow quilters choose to argue over is puzzling. I’m also tired of traditional vs modern, hand quilted vs machine, chocolate vs vanilla. Can’t we all just get along?!

      • Hand-quilted vs. machine is especially ridiculous. Our great-grandmothers would have been thrilled to have machines for quilting. And in fact, as soon as sewing machines existed for home use, quilting by machine existed. Get over it, folks. πŸ™‚

  2. “closet puppy kickers” Your posts always make me laugh. Some brands make me a little crazy because their precuts are cut so inconsistently, but I keep buying them anyway. So far, every baby quilt I’ve ever made was with a precut, and a few big quilts as well. I love that you can get so much variety in the fabrics. There’s no way I’m buying 40 different fabrics and cutting a strip out of each one for a baby quilt. Not happening.

    • Yep, closet puppy kickers. Lol! You’d have thought people had confessed to eating their young the way some folks carry on about a hot topic. To each his own, I suppose. I’ve had trouble with some, too, but the fabrics are so over the top gorgeous I’m willing to deal with a little aggravation. I’d show you my stash of precuts, but I’m not sure the world needs to know about my fabric hoarding tendencies quite yet!

  3. Amen Sista!! They must’ve forgotten that not every quilt store can carry a bolt of every single print in a line of fabric…the store owners would go batty over something like that, especially when we started asking for just a couple inches cut from each of them. So much less stress (and consumption of those fine things that get us through the project) when using precuts! They keep me sane and increase my productivity.

  4. Great post. As a precut enthusiast apparently my head was in the sand that this is an actual debate. If so I’m in BIG trouble with the quilt police. Better go turn myself in. A quilt is defined as a top, batting and backing. Does it matter how it was made? A whole cloth quilt is still a quilt with no piecing. OH the horror!

    Precut on!!

    • I have since left that group…they’ll argue about anything and, frankly, with two kids, I’ve got enough of that crap at home. Quilting is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Who cares how it gets done?

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