Mr. Todd’s Quilt

Mr. Todd is a volunteer at the hospital where I’ve worked since 1996 and we’ve been buddies for most of those years.  He does all manner of things while assigned to the Emergency Department and occasionally finds himself in the lab where I work.  I’ve never known him to come in without seeking me out for a hug.  He reminds me quite a bit of my Dad’s dad, who was himself a polite, soft-spoken gentleman.

Anyway, several months back I decided he really  needed a quilt.  I finally settled on a Moda Union Blues by Barbara Brackman layer cake and some additional yardage to make a lap-size quilt.  As a side note: when I become President of the Quilting Universe, I’m going to insist on more fabric prints for men.  I’m sorry, but it’s really difficult to find fabric (at least in my neck of the woods) for a manly quilt that doesn’t involve hunting or fishing. 

I’ve used the pattern before and even blogged about it in the past, but cannot for the life of me remember which quilt shop put it out.  The directions are no help since the shop name isn’t listed on it. Sorry.

UPDATE: I have laid hands upon the link.  Hallelujah!  Here ’tis:

Suffice to say, you sew five blocks across and eight down (40 blocks.  See…I mathed again.  Whohoo!). You make a cut diagonally one direction, flip the pieces about and sew a seam, press, make another cut and sew another seam and presto you’ve got a quilt top with setting and corner triangles built in.  Easy peasy.

I pieced it on Lennie the Featherweight and quilted it on what I’m told is a dressmaker’s sewing machine.  I’ve named him Tom Selleck.  Hunky devil, isn’t he?

Here ’tis. 

My quilting philosophy for this one was to keep it simple.  Usually I’m all for all over heavy quilting, but I took my meds and this was the result.  Simple, straightforward, no frills.  Manly.

Up close and personal.

And more gratuitous quilt porn… 

I even caved and put a label on it, something I NEVER do. 

I wish I could say I got a picture of him with it, but I was too busy hugging him and he was too busy enjoying it.  And really, isn’t that the point?



  1. That is a wonderful, wonderful quilt. And a touching story. Your last two sentences say it all, “I wish I could say I got a picture of him with it, but I was too busy hugging him and he was too busy enjoying it. And really, isn’t that the point?”

  2. What a nice thing to do. I’m going to try this on point thing. I think I saved your directions someplace. Very nice quilt I’m on quilt retreat in Kennebunkport, ME 3 miles from Pres. Bush family summer home. I’m exhausted. I thought retreat was relaxing!

    • There is nothing relaxing about quilt retreat! I come home tired and sore, but I get so much done. If you can’t find directions, comment again and I’ll repost.

  3. Oh what a lovely gesture for a lovely man. It’s a great quilt pattern and yes I’m with you, more quilt fabrics for men!

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