Paper-pieced Patchwork

Part of the fun in attending a quilt retreat, at least for me, is packing up the Mommobile with enough projects that when I open the back hatch, it looks like the car’s barfing fabric.  No need to thank me for that visual.  You’re welcome.

I have grand visions, or is it delusions, of finishing a veritable bounty of all things quilted, considering I’ve got days of uninterrupted sewing and someone else to do all the cooking and cleaning up.  And every time, the joke is on me.  

At last retreat, I only managed one finish and what I’m about to show you ain’t it.

I’ve had the pattern, called The Statesman, from printed out for quite some time, but just haven’t been in the mood to do anything with it.  I’ve even written several posts about it, so either I’m really into this pattern or I’ve completely lost my marbles.  My bet’s on the latter.

I should confess as someone of a somewhat, how do I say this, anal retentive bent, that I can make the process of paper piecing quite involved.  My first projects found me whacking bits of fabric willy-nilly from a larger piece, a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants process that always left me a bit nauseous.  Such a lack of self-control!  Now, haha, it takes several weekends worth of time to get all those pieces cut out with military precision.  I remind  myself it’s about the process, not speed, but sometimes the banshee on my left shoulder shrieks louder than the devil on my right.  What a minute.  I think I may be confused.  Is it banshee and devil, devil and angel…?  Meh, whatever.  I do think my process saves fabric, which saves money, which should make Himself awfully happy, were he even aware of how much all this stuff costs.  Being a relatively smart gal, though, I keep my mouth shut.

Now, back to that pattern.  What, you can’t tell what it is?!  One lady guessed a giraffe which, I suppose, if given enough liquor, would be entirely reasonable.  But, no.


Presumably, paper piecing is so exact that pinning is deemed unnecessary, however, I love pins almost as much as Tom Selleck’s short shorts and mustache.


There are lessons to be learned at retreat.  For instance, did you know your machine won’t sew without a bobbin?  Yep, it blew me away, too.


These are 12″ blocks arranged in a 5×5 layout for a total of 25 blocks.  Hey, I just mathed!  Whohoo!!


This is probably about as scrappy as I’ll ever get.  I like symmetry and scrappy just about gives me the hives.

But this makes it better.


Thank you, Aunt Doris!

Naturally, the fabrics I brought from home weren’t going to work for borders which necessitated a trip into town.

Is it done yet?  Nope.  I’m holding out until next retreat.


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