Sewing Lite

It bears repeating that I don’t do any sewing other than piecing quilts…and sometimes even  that’s a struggle.  I envy people who can whip up a skirt, those itsy-bitsy Barbie doll clothes I can still hear my Mom cussing over, or even, yes, a decent pair of pajama pants.  

I am not that gal.

That said, even I can whip up a smattering of envelope covers for our sofa pillows with the help of YouTube. 

I found this Waverly home-dec fabric on clearance at WalMart…$3.97 a yard!  I can just see my Nana doing a happy dance over that bargain!

I paid (what I like to think) a princely sum for the original pillows.  What do they make these things from…platinum…unicorn horns…Sam Heughan’s sweat?  You’d think so considering what you pay for them.  And they don’t last worth a flip.  Of course, there’s the fact my family likes to think of them as bed pillows as opposed to decorative.

Anyhoo, this is what I started with.  They were so pretty when I bought them. 🙁

And this is what i stitched up.

 I’m pretty pleased with them and when they wear out, they can be easily replaced.  It shouldn’t take long. 🙄


  1. Well done! Now, on a future posting could you shows us better photos of the quilt behind you? I love name quilts. I look them up on Is there a date on it?

    • Unfortunately, there isn’t a date on this one. One block says ‘Church of Christ’, but there’s no city or state. I love signature quilts. Those are the ones I have a really hard time understanding how people can sell them.

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