Say What?!

Just when I thought my quilt retreat weekend couldn’t get any better, having spent it with my Mama and favorite aunt, I signed on to my email account on the way home to discover I’d been nominated for a Leibster blog award.  

I’m pretty sure there’s been a huge mistake, but I’m grasping this sucker by the horns and hanging on for all I’m worth!  My meaty thighs should be a huge help in this endeavor.

Many thanks to Mary J. Puckett of the wonderful quilting blog, Zippy Quilts, for the nomination.

Holy crap, y’all, am I ever flattered!  Who knew a perfect stranger would actually think I’m funny.  Or odd.  Or both.  Squeal!

Anywho, The Rules say I’m supposed to answer questions about me, turn ’round and nominate some more bloggers and ask them questions.  There are a variety of rules, so I’ll pick and choose as suits my mood, as usual.

What one thing do you believe with your whole being?

Be grateful in times of struggle as it could always be worse.  Laughing helps.  And farting. Nothing beats bodily function noises to lighten the mood.

What have you made lately?

Let’s see…ill-timed sarcastic remarks, apropos eyeball rolls and questionable decisions in the parenting department.  

Or did you mean quilt-wise?  

In that case, I’m working on this paper-pieced bugger.


Pattern is The Statesman from
It’s made entirely of Civil War reproduction fabrics and, while not my usual choice, I find them quite fetching.  Naturally, a trip to several quilt shops in Granbury were necessary to procure border fabrics.

Are you a cat person, dog person or neither?

I am a cat person forced to live with a dog because everyone (and the dog) have severe allergies.  She’s a sweet girl, but is about as smart as the kitchen linoleum.


Miss Lulu

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Well, I’m 41.  Curb your shock, I’m well aware I look like a hot thirty-nine.  In ten years, I hope I’ll still be working in microbiology.  I might be a grandmother (gawd, I hope not that soon), but I’ll definitely still be nagging my poor spouse.

Favorite dessert?

Graham McTavish.

Oh, wait.  Heehee.  Ahem.

It depends on the season.  What, I gotta pick one?  Amateurs.  Let’s see: buttermilk pie in spring; key lime pie in summer, pumpkin pie in autumn; pink goo in winter.  (Go ahead and ask about the pink goo.  You know you’re dying to know).

Dream vacation destination?

Scotland (This has nothing to do with Outlander, but you just can’t beat kilted men), Israel, Ireland.

Why do I blog?

It started out as a way to cope with my kids’ ADHD diagnoses and my own parental shortcomings and became a laugh-til-it-hurts outlet because, honestly, crying just makes snot clog my nose.  Which reminds me, The Co-Defendants (my children) haven’t given me much fodder lately.  Hmmmm.  

At first, I worried that what I’d say would potentially offend folks.  In the end, my blog’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have my say and I’m a heckuva lot happier for it.  Beats paying some schmuck a co-pay to listen to me whine.  I have a captive audience in y’all.  Hahahaha!

What’s your best sewing/quilting tip?

I *do not* sew.  That pajama pants experience is best relegated to the past.

As for quilting, lighten up, Frances!  It’s supposed to be fun and relaxing.  If it isn’t, you need to extricate that stick from your nether region, crack open a Guinness and chill out.  Life’s too short to be stressed out over crap that’s meant to be relaxing.

And that’s me in a nutshell.  Or straight jacket. Take your pick.

Now for my nominations.  They are:

My Quilty World

Quilting Corner

Made with Love by Mary

Quilting with Calicos

Answer whatever questions you’d like or come up with a short bio of your own.  Have fun.  Remember: no sticks allowed.



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