The Statesman

I downloaded the pattern for this paper-pieced block an age ago from The Quilters Cache and left it at that.  However, with my Mom’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery, I decided to get the ball rolling because, well, you just never know about tomorrow, do you?

There are scores of free (hello!) patterns from which to choose.  Set aside plenty of time to troll their archives.  You’ll be hooked in no time.

This one is called The Statesman.  I’ve chosen all Civil War fabrics, not my cuppa tea, but I’m fairly certain the recipient will love it.  

The finished quilt will resemble a Double Wedding Ring, with all the interlocking rings, minus the curves of the DWR.  Can I get a ‘thank you, Jesus’?

This past weekend was very pleasant by Texas standards, so I spent most of Sunday parked out on the back patio precutting all the pieces for the blocks.  To make a decent sized top, I decided on 25 (gulp) blocks.  Needless to say, I’m still cutting.

However, it got me out of the meat locker I call my house (personally I think Himself is trying to turn me into a tubby Popsicle and freeze me to death) and I got a front row seat to watch the hummingbirds fight over their nectar.


  1. Dearest Stephanie! So very sorry to hear about your Mama. I will put her in my prayers and hope the surgery you mentioned is successful. My sweet hubby has cancer and the Stateman/DWR paper piece pattern could be something I should make for him. Maybe like a prayer throw! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Tx weather (I’m in Tx too)!

    • My Mom had a double mastectomy on he 31st. Thanks for remembering her in prayer. I’ll do the same for your husband. I want to say the block finishes at 12″ but don’t hold me to that. The Quilters Cache site has so many blocks, for FREE!, that you’re sure to find something you love. I’m heading to NC on Sunday…can’t wait to see what their weather is like. What part of Texas are you in? Maybe we can get together sometime and sew!

  2. Thanks for the reply! Sorry again about your Mama. I will jump to the Quilters Cache right away! Have a super time in NC!

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