Labor Day Sewing

Nothing beats a three day weekend in my book.  With the kids quiet (God bless books!) and Himself ensconced in his favorite chair in front of the computer, I’ve been free to do as I please.  Shhhh, be very, very quiet.  If they notice I’m occupado doing something I like, all heck will break loose because, you know, kids.

I finished up the Texas Tech (boo!) rag quilt I’d been working on by running it through the wash.  I spent the next half hour cleaning all the threads from the inside of my washer and the dryer lint trap.  I love the look of rag quilts but, boy, are they messy. I gave it a good shake (the quilt, not my fanny) out on the patio and out popped more threads.  At least the birds will have nesting materials, right?

I love how the clipped edges get all curled up, don’t you?

I’ve used batting, flannel and just plain ‘ol quilters cotton in between the top and backing.  Sometimes I skip the middle layer altogether.  

Assuming I’ve used batting, flannel for top and bottom makes for an exceptionally heavy quilt which I personally love; flannel for top and cotton for bottom with a flannel center is perfect for Texas winters.  For summer, yes I use a quilt in the summer, you can get away with just the two layers.  

Some folks will cut the middle layer to be slightly smaller.  Me?  I cut all three layers the same size so I can see the middle peeking out.  It’s personal preference.

This quilt is pretty lightweight since I used a very thin flannel for the ‘batting’.

The backing has scripture written all over it.  I’ve been saving it for the perfect occasion.

Tomorrow I’ll drop it in the mail and get it on its way.


    • Thanks! I *think* the fabric came from Hobby Lobby about 7-8 years ago. (Hey, I never said I was quick about quilting or using up my stash!). Are you in the States? It’s early and I couldn’t find a homepage for your blog. If so, I can probably part with the fabric I’ve got left. Let me know.

  1. Yes, sunny Arizona! I found something along the same lines on the Hobby Lobby website last night and bought some. Thank you for the offer though. I only have one post on my blog. I love the idea of blogging because I read so many and love them, but I’m not sure it’s my thing. I’ll keep following yours though! Have a great day.

      • I’m in Peoria. I was just looking at another post of yours on fibromyalgia. I watched the movie Food Matters awhile back and one of the people in that movie has a website called doctor He advocates large amounts of different vitamins for a large number of conditions. I have used mass doses of vitamin C myself for inflammation and pain relief from severe back pain (I’ve had two back surgeries due to a SEVERELY herniated disc) as well as other pain. Thought you might find it interesting since it seems you prefer natural remedies. I’ve also taken turmeric in capsules, though I don’t know if that’s as effective is as the golden milk you drank. I took Lyrica for a week before stopping and switching to the vitamin C. I asked the doctor – have you seen the side effects of this stuff?? Suicidal thoughts or actions – no thank you! i was depressed enough with my condition; I didn’t need anything making me more depressed.

      • Lyrica is the devil’s medicine. Wretched stuff that made my face and hands swell. I went for acupuncture for quite a while, but it’s expensive and not covered by insurance. For now, I’m dosing myself with high levels of vitamin D and magnesium. I’ll have to check into turmeric capsules because that tea was icky. Thanks for the website info. I’ll have to check it out.

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