Flimsy Finish

I nabbed a scrap bag of red and white 2 1/2″ strips from my local quilt shop with nary a thought as to what I’d do with it, don’t we all, but for the price, I couldn’t pass it up.  Let’s call it a fabric liberation, shall we?

I’ve been working on several projects that follow a pattern and wanted something quick and easy.  Something to just zip through under the pressor foot with wild abandon.  A no-brainer, if you will.

I decided a jelly roll race quilt was perfect. 

I’ve yet to perfect my technique.  Do I press as I go or wait until the whole shebang is finished?  Naturally, being the somewhat lackadaisical gal I am, I always opt to press at the end and wind up grousing the whole time.  I’ll never learn.


I think this pack had more strips than the commercially marketed Jelly Rolls by Moda which accounts for how much larger it seems than a standard JRR quilt. Also, as I pieced, it dawned on me that the reds are all different….some bright and true, some muted.  But, no matter. ‘Tis done.  Let the rejoicing commence!

Before you ask, I’ve no intention of bordering this puppy.  Nuh-uh.


I’ll use this red for the binding.  Love.


I’ve dubbed this flimsy ‘Sour Cherries’.

Happy Friday!



  1. I think it looks fabulous. And I know what you mean about sometimes just needing to sew without a pattern, it looks like it was some very pretty palate cleansing 🙂

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