I’m sure my mother felt the same way when I crossed over to the dark side and embraced quilting in all its glory, but, damn, has today been awesome!

My coworker, who shall remain nameless and faceless per her request, expressed interest in a machine I was selling, bought it, then came over to my house to learn all about it…and how to actually, you know, SEW!  

I had her firmly in my clutches!  Bwahahahahaha!!!!!

Here’s what she made.  

Two envelope pillow covers!  I’m so proud of you, H!!  She left with the q-word dangling from her lips, a couple of jelly rolls and some sewing swag.  Hey, why should I be the only one with an expensive hobby?!

The Diva also expressed an interest in taking up needle and thread again.  Flush with a healthy dose of awesome sauce after my morning success, I decided to go for it.  I helped with the cutting and some ironing, but she did the rest.  

I’m so tickled for them both.  I’m pretty pleased with myself, too.  I taught two someones something that didn’t involve profanity or questionable judgement.  Yay, me!

I’m off now to buy that lottery ticket!


  1. Warm & Fuzzy Feelings – both for the teacher & the two students! Our skills will continue for years to come when we teach others the joy of creation! You did a good thing! They made some beautiful projects and should be proud of themselves!!

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