Road Trip Miscellany 

As with any road trip, well, ours at least, there’re things, places and sights that don’t fit anywhere else.  Hence the post of Random Awesome Stuff. 

The Diva and me on the ferry ride to Dauphin Island, AL.

When The Co-Defendants were little we tried (read: Mom tried) the license plate game on all our road trips.  This game went over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl.  Not so with this trip!  Forty states and two Canadian provinces.  Not too shabby, y’all. 

His Awesomeness: the boy who’s given me plenty of pointers on how to maximize annoyingness.

There was Pig ‘n Whistle just outside Millington, TN that served the best BBQ ever to cross my lips.  Easy on the sauce with just the right amount of smokiness.  Potato salad with a little something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  Yes, even the brisket was better than Texas’.  Sorry, home state.
There was this bad-assed lady in Mobile Bay.  Hello, USS Alabama!  

There were ‘Quick, take the picture before they realize they’re touching!’ moments.



There was Himself talking me down from a panic attack.

Crab cakes over fried green tomatoes with corn and Lima bean succotash at Felix’s.   Somebody hold me; I miss it so.  Sniffle.  
And a shrimp po’ boy sammich that almost made me want to move to Alabama.   

The Memphis Zoo is now #1 on our family zoo list.  Seriously, everyone else can just pack it in and go on home now.  Outstanding!



We made it.  Six days of road tripping. 


Not once did the truck pull over for family counseling sessions.  


The Diva at Memphis Zoo
No one died.  

I only took one Xanax.   

It’s a library. Yes, I’m a geek.

And I tried scotch.  Did I mention that?  Nasty shit.  Skip it and go for the fruity drink with an umbrella.


Gorgeous architecture.   

Things that made me go ‘hmm’. 

That’s my girl.

And my 4 lb 1 oz baby who managed to turn 16 on the way home.  Waaaaah!  

What a ride!  

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