‘Scuse My FART

My husband, Himself, not only plans, maps out the route and makes reservations for all our family trips, he also makes sure there’ll be plenty of stops at quilt shops along the way.  

No, he doesn’t have any brothers and I’m not giving him up.  Sorry, girls.  

It’s fun to see what’s popular in other parts of the country and with one glaring exception, I enjoyed every single one of these shops.  I won’t be naming my less than favorite, but His Awesomeness described it as something from a horror movie involving serial killer quilting grandmas.  It was THAT bad.

First up was Quilts Bayou in Lake Charles.   

These are fabric panels, roughly 5×7, that I’ll be putting into a quilt to commemorate our trip.  I chose the Mardi Gras fabric as the border for the Louisiana panel.  The other border fabrics I’ll pull from my obnoxiously large stash.

This was also the shop I walked out of carrying only a small bag which prompted The Diva to ask if I was mentally ill.  Smart aleck.  

On a quilting friend’s suggestion, thank you, Cy, I scoped out Susan’s in Theodore, Alabama.    

I fell in love with this pattern.  

They offer a kit in whites and blues if you’re so inclined, but I found the gorgeous metallic Christmas fabrics and was hooked.

Tennessee offered up the jackpot of shops and I hit ’em all, much to The Diva’s dismay.

There’s Quilting Barn in Arlington.  

They’re one of several shops statewide participating in the Row by Row 2015.  As theirs lacked the dreaded a-word (appliqué), I jumped in.  I’m planning to put these in with the panels I bought in Lake Charles. 

I especially like the license plates that go with each kit.  The batik was just a bonus.  

And check out the cool mirror in the ladies room.  Hey, what else is there to do? 

There’s The Discerning Quilter in Brighton.  

Her row is Tennessee Tornadoes (paper-pieced, can I get a ‘hallelujah’?!?). And there’s that gentle reminder to quilt what you’ve pieced on her license plate.  Not that I know ANYONE who needs to be told that.  Ahem.

After spending the morning at Memphis Zoo, I dragged The Diva to two more shops.  Poor girl.  

I only bought at one of them, Klassy Katz.  By then, my daughter was certain I’d lost my marbles.  Me, not buy something?  Never! 

This was a nice shop, big and bright with something for everyone.

Their block incorporated everything that makes Memphis, well, Memphis.  

My literal thinking gray matter has a hard time with the abstract, but let’s see if I can remember the gist of this one.  The arches are a bridge, blue’s the water (duh), the orange and black have to do with traveling the road to racial harmony and the musical notes are for Memphis’ rich music heritage.  Whew.  There was a lot of thought put into this one.

Here are my fabrics for it, plus a little something extra.  

A little something from here, there and yonder made for a fun and successful F.A.R.T (that’s a fabric acquisition road trip).

I’m so ready to F.A.R.T. again.

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