The Magnolia State

As we continued our road trip to Memphis, we passed through Mississippi (twice as luck would have it).

The Magnolia state’s Gulf coast views made for a beautiful drive even with it being overcast and raining. 

With Himself on a mission to make Alabama by nightfall Wednesday, there was no stopping to take in the sights (or even a quilt shop).  Grrrr!  

The Co-Defendants and I marveled at how green and gorgeous the scenery was as we drove.  Which brings me to the second time we drove through Mississippi.  Don’t ask; Himself planned the route.

Holly Springs was by far my favorite part of the state as it’s where my great-grandfather, Jesse Mooney, was born.


Since 1857!
And then there’s the green.     

So much green!  Is it always this green?  I may have to move.

Until next time, Mississippi!


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