The Long Road to Memphis 

Summer 2015 has seen our share of vacation plans come and go.  Mostly go as work conflicts haven’t allowed us to leave town despite all efforts to the contrary.  Tuesday evening we made our escape, setting out on the scenic route to the Volunteer State. 

This man needed a vacation for his mental health.  I needed him to have it for mine.  😬 


The Diva and His Awesomeness

First stop, Bridge City, Texas.  Hey, it’s a BIG state!  The drive from our house took about 5 1/2 hours.

We pulled in about 11pm and called it a night.  These pictures were taken before we left Wednesday morning.   Looks tranquil, doesn’t it? What you don’t see are the mosquitoes the size of 747s nor do you feel the near 100% humidity. Gotta love Texas! 


The reason why it’s called Bridge City
Over the course of Wednesday ‘s drive we saw three states and one quilt shop.  Quilts Bayou, in Lake Charles, Louisiana is a nice, small shop.  I picked up several of these little panels and some Mardi Gras fabric.   They had every state and several overseas panels as well. The plan is to make a memory quilt of our trip.

Lake Charles, LA

Himself was hankering to see the MOPAR Collectors Guide headquarters.  Yeah, I know, I was excited, too.  Yawn.  


His Awesomeness and Himself


The Diva
With Himself in the driver’s seat, we bid adieu to Louisiana and crossed into Mississippi.  

But that’s a story for another day.

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