A Day in Granbury 

After much waffling (think ‘cheerleader deciding on the perfect outfit for date night with the football captain’ waffling) Himself decided we’d take the family for a drive to Granbury to ‘take in the sights’.  Being a smart woman, I knew this was code for ‘car show’ and cheerfully inquired about being dropped off at a quilt shop.  His other option was San Saba…and a car show.  I tell you I cannot win. 

So, while the Testosterone Twins slogged through row upon row of old cars and tank top and short-shorts clad, belly-boobs-and-tanned-to-saddle-leather-skinned chicks, The Diva and I toured the town square.

Granbury’s a pretty town and since we got there a bit early, we grabbed some seats and watched the world go by for a bit.  

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long.  Patience isn’t what you’d call her forte.  

Hitting the downtown quilt shop, Houston Street Mercantile, was my primary objective.  The shop is in an old building down on the square, complete with creaky hardwood floors and a high ceiling.  I love old buildings!

And isn’t it amazing what you can photograph in the john?  

I have several projects I need (ahem) to get started on and, naturally, didn’t have the necessary colors in my stash.  And, yes, right now I’m rolling my eyes so hard at the thought of not having something in my formidable stash that I can check out my own ass.  Moving on!

I started laying out bolts thinking I knew what I was doing, after all I’ve been doing this for over a decade, when The Diva informed me I was mixing purple-blues with gray-blues with teal-blues.  This was quickly confirmed by the sales lady who seemed to take quite a bit of pleasure in throwing me under the quilting bus, much to my kid’s delight.  In my defense, they all looked like plain ol’ blues to me.  Blech, blue.

It’s a wonder I’m allowed out of the house unsupervised.  Sheesh!  Who dresses me in the morning?!?

Here she is, setting me straight.  

‘Too much pattern!  Too purple!  Too icky!  Oh, for the love of Pete, just get out of my way Mom!!!’

We spent a whopping forty-five minutes in there, so long in fact you’d think her eggs were expiring and she hadn’t found her Prince Charming yet!  I’m still not sure where the fire was and all. 

Did I mention about patience not being her forte?  Yep.

After lunch at Grump’s, the best burger joint ev-er, Himself made one final stop for me at Sew Krazee.  Googling an address will get you the wrong address so let me just say you need to Google the Big Lots in Granbury for an address as it’s in the same strip mall.  The fabrics run the gamut from reproductions to modern, kids to batiks to flannels.  I think this shop just may be my favorite.

Himself loves to take the scenic route whenever possible so we stopped by Whitney dam on the way back.  

His Awesomeness was completely worn out from all that waiting around on Mom.  He’s still clutching his iPod pacifier though.  

Just another fun-filled day with the family!  

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