Lennie’s New Throne

Through her work, my Mama makes the acquaintance of all sorts of interesting folk.  About a week back she pulled into our driveway and unloaded what, for Featherweight owners, amounts to the Holy Grail. 

I’m speaking of the vintage FW table, designed specifically for our machines and no other.  Keep your bells and whistles, oh ye of the gadget-y, does everything but wipe your hiney, mow the grass and cook dinner types.  I’ll take my FW, thank you very much.

Did I mention she scored another one for herself?


Lennie looked quite the dapper dude if I do say so myself.  I thought I’d leave it as it was and call it good, but on closer inspection it was apparent change was a-comin’.

I tried re-gluing the veneer which worked about as well as putting a sack over Carrot Top’s head and pronouncing him Tom Selleck.  We all know that’s a load of malarkey.

So I did what any typical three year old would do when presented with peeling wallpaper…I commenced removing the veneer.  Ask me about the wallpaper story sometime.

Needless to say, Himself wasn’t pleased with me and my penchant for peeling.  Nyah-nyah-nyah.

Thinking this was my jumping off point, I hauled it outside to commence sanding it when the phone rang.  

It was…dun…dun…dun… My Fah-thah.  The man is the Darth Vader of all things built, repaired or remodeled.  The Force is strong with that one…right along with the hammer, saw and chisel.  And he wanted to see if he could salvage the veneer.  

“Too late”, I squeaked.

“I’m coming up there”, he said.


And so it was that five minutes later, Dad was in the house and getting to work.


As he patched, he circled the table finding more spots in need of attention.  Finally he decided there was yet another layer under the stuff I’d already scraped off.  More scraping ensued.

There was a suggestion of applying new veneer, but I had a plan.  And it involved paint.  I’m not by nature a wood painter. Wood looks good enough on its own without benefit of paint, but this wood was crap and needed help.

This was the point where I was certain I was going to puke.  Was I really going to paint this thing?

Apparently the answer was yes.

Fast forward through a whole passel of doubt and what-ifs and holy craps and this is what I’ve got.

Lennie’s gonna rock it!


  1. That is AWESOME!! The thought of painting any piece of furniture makes the anxiety level soar. I love that you made it your own. How did you put the artwork on the top?

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