Brazos House Retreat

So I’ve been getting quite a few questions about where I spent my Mothers Day weekend…with my sweet Mama, of course.

I spent it here, a sprawling farmhouse in Somervell county.  It was extremely difficult but somebody had to do it.   For you, my sweet blogging friends, I was willing to subject myself to new terrain in the name of investigative purposes.  No need to thank me.  I was happy to make the sacrifice.  Wine helped.

Kay, the owner, kept us fed, comfortable and happy.  Deb Singer-Hayter, our hostess with the mostest, put together group projects and gave demos on hand quilting and swirling seam intersections so they lay flat.   There’s a technical term for that, but my brains are fried.


The grounds are beautiful, relaxing and full of animals. Four-legged kinds.  Not a kid or husband in sight.


This is Fatsy Cline looking fit and trim.

The indoor spaces were just as pretty, but being the nincompoop I am, this had to be my favorite thing. 

 Yes, it’s a faucet.  Shut up.



It’s a wine cup…and feet desperately in need of a pedi. 

It rained off and on most of the time.  The river was rocking by the time we left. 


We met so many new friends.  There were even two Stephan(n)ies.  Are y’all scared yet?!? 


Me and my awesome Mama. 

Until next time! 

By far the best sight of the weekend was this one. 

Here’s hoping I’m back there come October.


  1. That faucet!! No shame in it being your favorite thing–one of those will be going in my bathroom whenever that money tree decides to bloom in my backyard. There is a similar tub spout as well. What can I say, a true farm girl at heart.

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