Bug-eyed Snowballs

Last night’s finish is another ten-year plan project.  I suppose I should feel some shame in letting my projects languish unfinished for so long, but it’s rather cool to say I started this last century.

Whatever rings your chimes I guess.  

I took the picture this morning in a very heavy mist surrounded by nature, farm animals and Stephen King novel-worthy mosquitoes.  Perfect weather to stay inside and sew (or stay outside, heavily doused with bug repellant).

This project introduced me to partial seams, something I never considered putting on my bucket list and something I never care to do again.  Much like dating unsuitable young men or swerving on rain-slickened pavement to avoid wild boar carcasses.  Don’t ask about that last one.

 What a pain in the keister.

As usual, it has its share of puckers and mismatching, but it’s pieced.  And after another quick trip to town, I’m back with another project in the works.  Here’s hoping it’s done by the time I leave tomorrow.


  1. I never thought of it that way. I’m working on a UFO from 15 years ago and that was last century! It was a BOM that I bought on sale at JoAnns for Christmas, to go along with the new machine. I wasn’t as good at quilt piecing back then and got discouraged after making a few, ahem, mistakes. I just pulled it out because I had made some (a LOT more) mistakes on the mystery quilt I started after Thanksgiving a day. Seeing how much easier the old one was, and given that the pieces were precut, I felt much better knowing how much I had grown as a quilter. And yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    • We were just discussing quilting mistakes out in the sewing room. Unless they’re egregious, they stay in the top. I’m not doing this for perfection, just fun. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, but at least it gives me something to poke fun at!

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