Rainbow Retreat

Facebook, while an incredible time sucking endeavor, can also offer up a plethora of fun and shenanigans.  

Behold Brazos House in Rainbow, Texas.  

The Diva would be completely jealous.  Check this out.  

Mom and I are here courtesy of an announcement I saw on the Facebook group, Our Quilt World.  If you don’t belong, you’re really missing out.  And you’re probably really sad, too.  Poor thing.

Since arriving Thursday morning, I’ve managed to finish two tops which have been languishing in the WIP (that’s Works In Progress, not to be confused with whips, chains and fuzzy pink handcuffs.  I left those at home) pile for as long as The Diva’s been alive.  This is the fate of most of my projects as my sewing attention span tends to be somewhat short, so they sit there silently mocking me and giving me the one-finger salute.

This one’s a ten year project.  

This one’s a youngster….probably around three years old.  

Lennie the Featherweight is a greedy fellow and already has another project under his foot.  I hope to have it finished later tonight provided wine doesn’t prove an inhibiting factor.

Let the good times roll!


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