Spring’s Sprung

Better look quick while they’re still alive.  The plants, I mean, not The CoDefendants.  Although given my track record with plant life, it’s a miracle the children are alive and kicking.  And complaining, let’s not forget that.

The Diva and I headed for prey, haha, I mean plants this morning.  She’s inherited a love of them from my mother-in-law, a woman who makes things grow as if by magic.  I’ve descended from a woman who once killed a cactus.  Sigh.  

I like hanging plants, mainly because they don’t turn into a haven for fire ants.  Nasty things.  This afternoon I watched a pair of cardinals duck into the hanging impatiens.  Looks like the patio might turn into a hanky panky nest.  Just what I need to go along with a hormonal teenager and preteen.  God give me strength.

I give the plants a month.  Tops.  We chose lemon grass and marigolds to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  At least that’s what I’ve read.  Then again I also believed the story about a white spider hanging out under toilets seats coming out to bite people on the rump.  But considering our mosquitoes are the size of jumbo jets, I’ll try anything.

For now they’re pretty to look at. Lulu is completely puzzled as she’s never seen anything green on the patio before with the exception of grass trimmings.  She’s recovered nicely from her veterinary adventures, too.

Short of finding plants with disclaimers that said ‘Cannot be killed regardless of the ineptness of the grower’, I chose ones that claimed to need little attention and a heckuva lot of sun.  Maybe there’s hope.  The names mean zilch to me: lantana, salvia (reminds me of spit) and whatever the pink things are in the other basket.  Yes, that’s the technical name.  

Maybe I should consider a xeriscape garden instead.



  1. I didn’t know lemon grass was supposed to keep mosquitos away as well. I tried the marigolds last year I pots around our patio, I don’t know that it was a cure all, but it maybe helped a bit. But then again, mine weren’t super healthy looking after a month or so…my thumb is best used for being stuck by a needle than being green.

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