Chickens and a False Start

My last retreat finish was a table topper.  The pattern, Center Piece, is from Pieced Tree.  A bit of a bummer that the kit didn’t come with quite enough fabric, but with Mom’s help I was able to make do.   The backing is the light green fabric with red trim.  Very vintage.


I started another UFO Sunday morning but was quickly thwarted by my damn machine.  Boy is Lennie the Featherweight in deep horse puckey. Can you tell I’m still a tad put out?  I’ve narrowed it down to a stray thread in the bobbin housing but haven’t worked up the nerve to take it apart.  Best to leave that for home where I can curse properly and with reckless abandon.

I did get one block finished just to see what’s what. The pattern is called A Mexican Mystery.  The block is Mexican Cross.


I guess three out of six completed UFOs isn’t bad for two solid days hunched over an ungrateful piece of metal.  With my free time today I think I’ll devise some sort of torture for my bellicose machine.  


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